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Everyone should check out the Forbidden Bloggers.

August 27, 2008

I actually feel like a gigantic douchebag because I discovered this blog waaaay before the events ended and completely kept forgetting to link to it over on my blog, but I don’t even care that the games are over now, I’m going to pimp them out anyway.

Professor Lisa Delpy Neirotti of The George Washington University took 29 of her students with her to her 14th consecutive visit to the Summer Olympics. Together, they produced an inside look at the games from a real-life perspective, unclouded by the biased angles that the media likes to show us.

They did an amazing job with the blog, posting several times a day and posting PLENTY of videos of their adventures in Beijing. Makes me wish I had been there!

Check out this cool-ass video of the students taking a bus past the water-cube. That thing looks AMAZING!

There are plenty more videos (like when they crashed the taping of the Today Show and got to mingle with hottie Ryan Lochte) and their thoughts about the city and the games on their site. The posts aren’t very long but it’s a fun read.

Forbidden Bloggers

Kim, we defdefdef need to find a way to get in on this when GWU does the program again in 2012 for London. hahahahahah.

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