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Name three things.

September 7, 2008

It’s hard to have an Olympics blog when the Olympics are four years away, and when you’re not really sure what you should be writing about anyways. So I will now write about three things that I am currently thinking about.

1) Chris Brown is amazing. I’m serious, guys. Amazing. Regardless of what you think of his music or what have you, he is a nerdy free spirit of awesome. He’s from a tiny, tiny city in Virginia. He can pop and lock like whoa. He can write a jingle and turn it into a song and have people be okay with that. He can sing about his anatomy being birdlike (yeah, you heard right). And he HAS A SPIDERMAN CAR. Come on! What’s not to love?

2) Maybe don’t jump while dancing when you have had a bad left ankle you’re whole life and you’re wasted. One bruised, twisted ankle later, and my laundry will have to be done another day. Heavy lifting + twisted ankle = sad.

3) In interesting only to me because I’ve met one of the parties*, and I want to have his babies, a funny thing happened in the sports world today. Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots (which EVERYBODY and their mom knows, so I am giving unnecessary exposition), went out of the game today with a knee injury. In comes his good-natured backup, Matt Cassel. He plays, he throws a TD, he maintains his good sense of humor, Patriots win. Somewhere across the way (Colorado, in fact), his brother Jack is being called in to pitch for the Houston Astros after pitcher Wandy Rodriguez leaves after the first with a quad injury. Leg injuries. First inning/Quarter. Cassels. Parallelism! Woo!

And for no reason in particular, you get a video of Matt Cassel singing the Backstreet Boys:

*=I’ve met Jack Cassel. And seen him eat Frito Pie. Or something that looks a lot like it.

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