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You know there’s something wrong with the world…

September 16, 2008

I mean, really.


You know there’s something wrong with the world when after something like three [??] mediocre swimming performances during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, with the help of three of your [amazingly hot] teammates, you actually manage to score a Gold medal — your ONLY medal of the games — only to have it stolen upon your return to the USA.

That’s what happened to the swimmer I love to hate, Brendan Hansen.

Talk about bad friggen luck! Poor Hansen. I may have scolded him heavily during the games (heavily to the point of DIVORCE and COMPLETE REMOVAL FROM THE HOTTIE HAREM), but if someone from TSA really stole his medal, that is shitty city, man.

OH. LIVE UPDATE LIVE UPDATE. According to this article, Hansen’s lost medal was found on a plane in Tennessee. Now I feel bad for blaming TSA. BUT THOSE PEOPLE ARE NUTS WITH THE BAGGAGE CHECK, OK? You have no clue how many times my bags have come back literally torn apart, with HOLES in them! Luckily nothing has ever been stolen before, but still. Sheesh.

Either way, glad they found it, considering it was Hansen’s ONE SHINING ACHIEVEMENT during the entirety of the Beijing games. Now if only someone could find his former glory:

Oh Brendie. I miss you.

Oh Brendie. I miss you. Sigh.


You know there’s something wrong with the world when in only the first month after the 2008 games, you look around at all your cute little male swimmers that you’ve been rooting for and obsessing over for the past two games, and realize that most of them probably won’t be around for 2012. I mean, let’s think about it:

  • After Hansen’s piss-poor performance, I doubt he’ll be back for 2012.
  • Lochte reportedly wants to start slowly getting out of Swimming, and become a fashion designer. I can’t even handle that. He says he still plans for one more Olympics, but I don’t know, man. Luckily, I doubt his ability to be successful at anything other than swimming really fast, and looking cute doin’ it. SORRY. I KNOW THATS MEAN, BUT I DON’T LOVE HIM FOR HIS MIND, OKAY? Either way, I want him back in 2012 so he can finally beat Milky’s ass, okay? OKAY.
At least hes not wearing the grill?

At least he's not wearing the grill to Fashion Week?

  • Pieter Van Den Hoogieboogie is already over 30 years old. He’s done. He barely even competed in 2008 anyway.
  • Aaron Peirsol might be around. He’s so low-profile that I probably won’t hear anything about him until 2012 anyway, unless he randomly decides to retire before then like a certain THORPEDO we know. And guaranteed, Killer Kim will be the one to tell me about it on AIM while I’m off galavanting or hopefully WORKING AT A JOB or something.
  • Milky Phelps will MOST LIKELY be around, if only cos he’s obviously such a friggen over-achiever. He’s not done yet.

It’s just sad that we spend so much time hardcore caring about these people, and then they kinda drift off into irrelevance after such a short amount of time. This is especially true for gymnasts as well. God knows probably NONE of the men will be around for 2012, and probably only Shawn Johnson will return for the women.



You know there’s something wrong with the world when Vampires are back in fashion. And, I mean, not only are they in fashion, it’s like the friggen VAMPIRE RENNAISANCE out there lately. Holy jeez. BUFFY IS OVER, FOLKS. NO MAS. NO. MAS.

Keep in mind, I have never researched Twilight in any capacity. I have only heard about it in passing from friends. But apparently the new HBO series, TrueBlood is nearly identical in storyline, except apparently it has WAY MORE PORN.

I’ve gotta say, I thought Ryan Kwanten was a hottie in Summerland, okay? But I really do not need to see his skinny, naked ass staring me in the face during an entire third of each episode, while he’s having JACKRABBIT SEX, no less.

But back to the Vampires, I don’t even get it. I loved Buffy. Kim and I actually e-met through the Buffyverse. But where is this Vampymania coming from over the past few months? TELL ME. TELL ME NOW OR I’LL DRAIN YOUR BLOOD AND SELL IT TO .. ANEMICS. OR SOMETHING.

TrueBlood, although overly campy, got way better in the second episode, so I’m gonna stick around, especially since it plays right before Entourage, which I LOOOOVE.

But all I’m saying is if a Vampire shows up on Gossip Girl or something, I’m gonna be super annoyed.


You know there’s something wrong with the world when after a CATASTROPHIC weekend on Wall Street, what with the demise of Lehman Brothers and the aquisition by Bank of America of Merrill Lynch, the Dow drops just over 500 points in one day, and yet Senator McCain still says the fundamentals of the American economy are still running strong.

Excuse me, sir? I think Senator Obama said it best:

“I just think he doesn’t know,” Obama said in Grand Junction, Colo. “He doesn’t get what’s happening between the mountain in Sedona where he lives and the corridors of Washington where he works…. Why else would he say, today, of all days — just a few hours ago — that the fundamentals of the economy are still strong? Senator — what economy are you talking about?”

By the afternoon, McCain had altered his message. Speaking before a town hall meeting with a Hispanic organization in Orlando, McCain sought to explain that his earlier comments had been intended as praise for the resilience of American workers.

“And my opponents may disagree, but those fundamentals — the American worker and their innovation, their entrepreneurship, the small business, those are the fundamentals of America, and I think they’re strong,” he said in Orlando.

But a few moments later, he described the country’s current financial situation as “a crisis” and repeatedly said he was concerned about the fundamentals of the economy.

“I know Americans are hurting,” McCain said. “The fundamentals of our economy are at risk…. And those fundamentals are threatened, they are threatened and at risk because some on Wall Street have treated Wall Street like a casino.”

He repeated that message several times, each time sounding more worried and less reassuring.

“Our economy is at risk today, have no doubt how serious this problem is,” McCain said. “We’ve got to fix this economy, which the fundamentals of are at great risk right now…. I want to promise you that it’s my highest priority.”  link.

Which is it? Are the fundamentals of our economy at risk, or are they going strong? Looking at the hundreds of thousands of people who don’t have jobs [HELLO THERE, INTERNET], and the countless numbers who now don’t even have HOMES due to Ike, and the fact that Wall Street is literally crumbling under the weight of the hundreds of billions of dollars in debt that the government has allowed to accumulate, I’d say the fundamentals of our economy are not only at risk, they’re pretty much dead on arrival.

A man walks out of the Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc building carrying a box of his belongings in New York September 15, 2008. 40,000 employees are expected to be laid off of Wall Street in a worst-case scenario.

A man walks out of the Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc building carrying a box of his belongings in New York September 15, 2008. 40,000 employees are expected to be laid off of Wall Street in a worst-case scenario.

In any case, this is a scary, scary week for all of us, and if I were you [you know, if I actually HAD any money], I’d keep track of where it’s being kept.


You know there’s something wrong with the world when your blogging co-captain goes KILLER KIM on you and NEARLY HOLDS A SUPER SOAKER TO YOUR HEAD AND FORCES YOU TO POST. There, I posted. ENJOY, INNERNET.

I’m goin to sleep.

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