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More on David Blaine

September 23, 2008

There are several different opinions of David Blaine. I am of the persuasion that he is creepily interesting, and his stunts are all about testing the human body to its most bizarre limits. Viewed in that way, it’s more enjoyable. I can’t think of him as a magician anymore (though some of his street magic specials were both hilarious and fun), even if he roots most of these events (tricks? illusions?) from the work of Harry Houdini. I suppose it’s easier to think of him as a performance artist, and if you’re into modern art, then maybe it’s fascinating. I don’t know.

Or you could just out and out despise him like most of the people I know do.

Irregardless, I went back to visit David Blaine again today. I’m really curious as to why NO ONE is really calling shenanigans on him yet. His latest trick involves some serious hang upside down time. To quote the official ABC website for the Dive of Death: “For more than 60 spellbinding hours, Blaine will be on the wire without food. He will pull himself up to drink liquids and to restore circulation. He will need to fight off muscle spasms and lack of sleep, as well as maintain maximum concentration in order to be successful. He will have to hang on for his life, even sleeping by dangling upside down.” Sound awesome? Yes. Well, to those of us who fall under the liking David Blaine category. But to actually go see it? Way less impressive. I’ve gone twice, and both times, I saw him less upside down and more right side up.

Not upside down.

Not upside down.

I understand that he needs to have medical tests, but it seems like most of this upside down time is being spent a) in the cherry picker right side up or b) laying horizontally to “restore circulation.” I get it, he doesn’t want to go blind or have a stroke. But why run an illusion like this when you’re not really going all the way?

Oh, right. Publicity.

The one-legged upside down race.

The one-legged upside down race.

Anyways, he’s there. He’ll be there until tomorrow at around 10:45 when he jumps out of a harness on around 80 hours of not sleeping because he’s crazypants. I’ll probably go see him again tomorrow and try to get my “me and upside down David Blaine!” even though he stops hanging out with fans to drink water, put on chap stick, kick around to improve circulation, hang out standing up in a cherry picker and do more interviews more frequently than he takes pictures. Or so I’ve seen. Not that he owes me a picture. I’m just sayin.

And to be fair, I saw him lead and hold hands with a blind person who didn’t know where to stand for the picture, and that was pretty darned adorable.

Ah! I take it back, I am NOT the only person to point this fradulence out.

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  1. gabriellabellaaa permalink
    September 25, 2008 12:17 am

    Now this whole periodically hanging yourself upside down for a few minutes thing just seems really stupid.
    Psh, I could do that, too.

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