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Come on and let go.

September 24, 2008

I am home sick, so I will do a late afternoon entertainment news round-up. Hoorah!

Clay Aiken is gay! Since everyone and their mom already knew that (and since some of us are left to sort through the cryptic lyrics that might have been sending us his gay messages), I wanted to get to the ever defending source, the Claymates.

Here’s what they have to say:

  • I wish him well and hope he gets some peace of mind now BUT I feel he lied to everyone-especially us fans. He should have just said so years ago. I feel like we were “used”. I still love to hear him sing but I also feel he has now become like a Michael Jackson and it’s a bit too weird! He isn’t just the plain ordinary person with the values he first stood for.-but it’s just my opinion.
  • please tell me I’m not the only one who is shocked beyond belief! I feel numb I’m so upset. This can’t be real!! How can you guys say this won’t change anything? This changes EVERYTHING. I don’t even know what to think right now.
  • I’ll be the shallow one (simply because I am not shocked, nor dismayed):
    Clay is looking HOT in the picture! I’ve always been a sucker for dark hair and glasses. Now Parker…he looks a little like an alien. But all babies do, really.
  • I love Clay no matter what he is, but I am kind confused right now, but if it is true , I will love Clay no matter what, he is still my idol!
  • I guess, I always thought, this day may come. And, I am not realyl surprised. Not that I ever realyl thought he was, but the admission, is just not a shock to me. And, I love him still, and support him. To me.. the confession, really doesn’t fit. Despite all the rumors, and the accusation, and such.. I just never saw it in him, and with the confession, I still don’t. But.. I accept Clay for whoever he is. Cause, I think he is an amazing man, and really his sexuality, still is none of my business. This doens’t change his voice, or the humanitarian he is. That’s who I fell in love with,. and that’s who I still love.
  • Okay, i’m going to come right off and say that when I saw it, I did cry. and I probably will if and when it is confirmed. Which will be tomorrow morning hopefully. I’ll probably be late for my first class, because i’ll be surfing the internet in the library. I knew in my heart for awhile that he was-…but my head was having nothing to do with it. I knew it might come eventually, but again my brain denyed it. I’m sure its a shock to all of us, weather we believe it or not. And for all those people who think he lied to all of us, I say whatever. I’m glad he picked now to say this and not a few years ago. He has gathered many fans over the years and im sure that if he had come out before, that there wouldnt be as many. I have been a fan for only a little over 7 months and if i hadn’t left now from all the bashing, i’m not leaving. I love Clay no matter what he does, who he is, or what he says. He has a place in my heart that no one else can take, and it is specially reserved for him forever. So Clay, I support you 100%. It’ll take some getting use to, I must admit, but I will forever be in love with you. no matter what happens. and might I add, Clay looks gorgeous in the new picture. and Parker is adorable! My wish came true that he inherited his fathers ears!
  • I’ve cried a river of tears and truthfully do not know where I stand right now. I am envious of those who can take this news and continue to state their unconditional love and support for Clay. Right now all I can think of is that he is a fantastic entertainer but I took him at his word and it appears that his word isn’t what I thought it was.
  • Everyone no matter what i believe that clay, the claymates, and claydawgs like myself will always rise up from the ashes!!! And rememeber what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger!!
  • Let me just say in defense of myself. I can handle any pain in the carcasses that say….I told you so, thats not my problem. I want to go on record saying that….No one can change their sexuality, it is what it is. I still love Clay, but, it is just taking me a little while to come to this place. We can’t even be ourselves here without somebody quoting our words…..first the bloggers, now the online sites. Do we just have to shut our “pie hole” and not say anything? After lettin it fly for 5 years, now I have to eat it? How do ya do that? …… I’m still going to The Gala, I’m still gonna buy his CD’s, I’m still gonna be a fan. QUOTE THAT SOMEBODY!!!!
  • I quoted you! Hooray!

    Not Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson

    Not Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson

    Drew Barrymore continues to be the ultimate cougar. Justin Long. Potentially Chace Crawford. And now Ed Westwick. Yes! Next time SNL does the Cougar Den, Drew Barrymore should replace her ol’ buddy Cameron Diaz, no? Conventional wisdom would say that the media would not be so down on a 33 year old dude dating a barely 21 year old, and it’s true. But considering that I feel skeevy for checking out barely 23 year old Chace Crawford (really? He’s 23? I now feel significantly less skeevy) at the barely 24 mark — ok, this sentence is being revised because I don’t feel skeevy at all. Huzzah! I guess it’s the playing a 16 year old that throws me off. In that case, bring on more barely dressed Nate Archibald. Yes.

    Anyways, Kings of Leon. Bringing couples together since 2008. I hope that picture was taken during “Use Somebody.”

    I really wanted to watch the season premiere of Heroes, and I decided to see if it was OnDemand. It is. Only for $0.95 an episode. And the premiere is considered two episodes. Excuse me, NBC? With and Hulu showing the episodes for free, WHY ON EARTH would I spend $1.90 on it? Do I just like lighting money on fire? Throwing change around at random? I mean, $1.90 is chump change, sure. But when you’re offering it for free all over the place, why on earth would I want to spend $1.90 to learn that Sylar is a — I won’t finish that sentence for those who haven’t seen it. Because even though I haven’t, I’m still a sucker for the spoiler.

    Good night.

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