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John McCain is a jerk.

September 26, 2008

I was actually going to blog this YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, WHEN THE NEWS FIRST BROKE (I was TOTALLY in the loop before everyone else, for once in my life), but I took a really long nap. And then I went to Sushi. And then I drove around for a while. And then I did something mean to an ex-friend. And then I came home and went to sleep. And then I did all of today’s activities. And then I wrote a letter to Kenley Collins. And then I finally settled down in front of my compy at 2:32am [by the time I publish this it will actually be much later] and here I am now, finally writing this post.

John McCain is a jerk.

I was TOTALLY PUMPED to blog the debate tomorrow night. TOTALLY FRIGGEN PUMPED. I had my DVR set, I was googling places where I could find some JiffyPop. I was gettin the beer stocked. MAN, PUMPED. And then the news broke that McCain has “officially” stopped campaigning and was proposing that the debate be postponed until after the BailOut plan was finalized, since he felt that the focus right now should be on the Economy and not on campaigning.


Obama says he’ll be at the debate tomorrow. If McCain doesn’t show, he doesn’t show. But Keith Olbermann (<3) had an interesting [and upsetting] take on the state of his priorities after announcing the halt of his campaign:

This is really infuriating. Maybe I’m reacting irrationally, but HOLY BUTTS, PEOPLE. If he honestly doesn’t show up to the debate tomorrow night because he’s pretending to be contributing to that stupid BailOut, I am going to be SO INCOMPREHENSIBLY LIVID. OMG. Denying the public a chance to see both our candidates, in the same place, presenting their ideas to us, is absolutely unacceptable, and shows just how cowardly and unprepared he really is.

A senator commenting on MSNBC Live earlier in the afternoon (unfortunately I can’t remember her name) said it best when she mentioned that it’s worrisome for McCain to have to halt his campaign and cancel a debate so that he can focus on ONE THING (in this case, the bail out), when, if elected, he’ll have to handle EVERYTHING GOING ON IN THE COUNTRY EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF EVERY SINGLE DAY. Multitasking is the way of the gods, Johnny. You better get up on it.

But the more ridiculous he makes himself look, the better for OUR FUTURE.

I am not even going to mention the ridiculousness of Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric. The internet is handling that just fine.


Completely unrelated, there is simply not enough Olympics going on in this particular Olympics blog. So with that said, I HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU, FRIENDS AND LOVERS. And that present is called — Sumo Olympics:

If that video doesnt make you DIE LAUGHING, I don’t even know what to do with you.

My personal favorite: the part where the guy does the long jump and lands flat on his butt. LOVE.



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