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I spend a lot of time watching TV.

October 1, 2008

Which means I also spend a lot of time watching commercials.

Look, it’s been a slow week so far, okay? The debate wasn’t as great as anyone was hoping so that’s kind of a bust. Here in Miamiland, it’s been raining for like 4 days straight. I haven’t even had enough gas money to go have adventures, so I’m pretty much hunting for things to write about.

But in a boring, lifeless, rainy existence, there is one bright spot — watching TV commercials. This may sound lame, but man, I am an appreciator, and enjoyer of the good commercials. And right now, there are a few of them which make me happy on the inside. And let me tell you, that Humane Society one with Sarah McLachlan is NOT ONE OF THEM.

So in the spirit of sharing the AWESOME, here are a few of my favorite commercials. Enjoy!:

omg soooo one of my favorites ever.

I seriously cannot handle the cute.

This next one made me cry about 34523426 times before and during the Olympics, but it is still so amazing:


HOO HAAAA, HOO HAAAA! I cannot handle it. I could watch that 2384239422389 times a day, and I pretty much did during the games and it never, ever got old. Hoooo man.


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