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The sort of Anne Hathaway SNL Review

October 5, 2008

Did you know this is the 34th season of Saturday Night Live? That’s somewhat impressive. Unfortunately, I unexpectedly ended up missing the live show last night, so I can only review what is available on I actually had pretty high expectations going into this episode. I think Anne Hathaway can be hilarious, and I like her. Though she has some pretty great stories floating around about her, you know, like her felon ex-boyfriend and her love for the anal sex. Whoda thunk?

I also was a pretty big fan of the Killers back in the day, so it’s interesting to see them try to return to form. I saw them once on an episode of SNL that I did standby for. Good times.

Also on Hulu, they have these SNL backstage things with Fred Armisen. There’s a fun one with James Franco up. Watch it!

Cold Open!: Everyone’s favorite part of the show, right? The Tina Fey appearance? Man, SNL is really going to go downhill after the election. But hopefully after the election we never have to hear about Sarah Palin again. Queen Latifah! How many random guests can we have in a season? Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz, Chris Parnell, William Shatner, Debbie Phelps and now the Queen. We’re only on episode four here, too. It’s a sad state of affairs when you know that half of it is because SNL is severely lacking in the female and race departments. “As my mother would say, God love him, but he’s a raging maniac.” Tina’s Sarah Palin is much better than it was last week. I wish that Biden would call him “John” instead of “John McCain,” because that’s what he did the whole debate. And boy, do I love Sarah Palin’s “No, I don’t want to answer your questions, but I do want to give a shout out.” Get mavericky with it. There really is a problem on the set with people wearing glasses. So many reflections! Sarah Palin loves the Jews and the Cuban food. The talent portion bit is AMAZING. And Sudeikis is being the crazypants Biden we all know and love. Mentions of debate drinking games. Yes, SNL is back. For now. We’re back in the era of the 12 minute cold open, and it feels good.

Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals: Wow, Andy Samberg has something to do! “You eat apples right? I produce Entourage.” This impression is pretty solid, actually. Color me surprised. I’m proud of ya, Samberg. “A lot of people want to eat you, but I just want to talk to you, okay?”

Mary Poppins: This is a pretty genius idea. Anne Hathaway kind of looks like Julie Andrews, and she has impersonating her down from all of those “act like your grandmama!” scenes in The Princess Diaries. Intriguing. Who knew that she could sing like that? I’m disappointed that Bill Hader doesn’t do a better Dick Van Dyke, though. Mary Poppins is a slut!

The Killer – “Human”: So I’m pretty sure Anne Hathaway loves the Killers. Or is just very, very enthusiastic. I do love their back from commercial photo. So many plants. Is Brandon Flowers really wearing a fur-trimmed blazer? I enjoy this song. Flowers looks so nervous. So nervous. I feel his voice is mildly restrained because of his nerves. However, I haven’t heard the song before, so maybe his voice is always restrained in this song. Wow, here’s some awkward dance moves to rival Duffy’s last week. Okay, I really like this. Welcome back, Killers.

The Lawrence Welk Show: This is one of those sketches that I suppose you need to be familiar with the original show to enjoy. Kristen is perpetually playing the weird, creepy lady. I can think of about five sketches off the top of my head. It’s grating sometimes. Amy Poehler cannot conceal her pregnancy at all, but that’s okay. Anne Hathaway should sing in films more often.

C-Span Bailout: I forgot that Sudeikis has replaced Forte as GW Bush. Forte needs a Mark Wahlberg character before he falls off the face of the earth. Wiig is a good Pelosi. I never realized how much they looked alike. Bush’s reactions to everyone’s stories are phenomenal. He is hiding out in the background and still going all out. Go, Sudeikis. Baby Mama shout out!!! Man, Amy Poehler, that pregnant belly is out of control!

Extreme Challenge Digital Short: Um, this is amazing. In so many different ways. Right down to the random ass “Becoming Jane” joke. Will Forte hates himself more than any of them. Kristen Wiig looks so tough in that outfit, too. When did that happen? Chair pin! Seriously, I could watch this all day. It’s a million times better than Space Olympics. Final Tallies — Andy: 6, Kristen: 4, Will: 2. Although “Do This” had no winner. Way to go, Samberg! You win with your digital short and your Mark Wahlberg impression.

Since I did not see the rest of the episode, including I hear, a sketch with Jason Sudeikis singing (my favorite thing ever! he has a great voice..), I will leave you with a video of him playing the trombone for Ben Folds and Regina Spektor. You can watch it if you fastforward to the last segment here. Besides the fact that Ben Folds is awesome, Regina Spektor is precious and a drummer randomly walks on in the middle, do not take your eyes off of Sudeikis. It’s times like these that make me wonder why he isn’t a million times more famous.

We’ll be back soon with Josh Brolin and Adele. Though I will be out of town, so mayhaps a delayed (instead of instant?) review is in order. Wonder if Brolin will do his W?

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  1. October 6, 2008 12:42 am

    where are you goin this time?!

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