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I need to stop with the TV.

October 8, 2008

All this election mania has really gotten me into a raging political obsession. Of course, real life politcs are never as interesting and exciting as fake TV Series politics [although this year’s election is stiff competition for anything you’d find on NBC, really], and so in a fit of nostalgia, I pulled out my bootleg copies of the BRILLIANT BUT CANCELLED 2004 series, Jack & Bobby:

I love this show. It only lasted one season, but I’m thankful it at least made it to the finale. The WB kinda screwed it over with a crappy day/timeslot and most people didn’t get a chance to catch on to it until it was too late. It’s been four years and there hasn’t even been a DVD set released yet, so thats indicative of the level of invisibility this show had during it’s run. But unlike most cancelled WB shows, this one was actually really, really good. So, yeah. There you go. Plus, Matt Long? Total hottie.

ANYWAY, after an internetless, disgustingly rainy weekend (48-hour monsoon, anyone?), I finished watching my bootlegs of J&B, and became increasingly depressed. The only thing keeping me afloat was the radical idea of one day starting a career in politics that would no doubt inspire a teen drama about my own life on The CW! Clearly, this was the greatest idea ever.

Sunday is my TV night. With shows like Dexter and TrueBlood and Entourage on, my DVR goes a little bit nuts but I’m excited every week to have a good 2.5 hours worth of quality entertainment. So luckily, it was only a few hours after my Jack & Bobby-related depression that I got to have something else to inspire me. Entourage:

Suddenly, I no longer wanted to launch a career in Politics. No. Instead, I wanted to grab 3 of my best friends, disappear to the desert, and trip out on shrooms for the day*. BIRTHDAY 2009, ANYONE? HM?

[*DISCLAIMER* — A note to any future employers, family members, and prospective love interests: That was a joke. I do not do drugs or eat funny mushrooms. Please disregard this sentiment.]

So basically, my lifes decisions are too easily influenced by ridiculous TV situations. Big example: ELECTION 08, the greatest Reality TV of the Fall Season has inspired me to marry a cute Canadian and NEVER LOOK BACK.

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