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On bias and humor.

October 14, 2008

Sometimes I wonder how difficult it must be to be a McCain supporter in 2008. If you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live AND John McCain, times are hard. The media wants to tell us that if you’re a fan of the McCain/Palin ticket, you can’t have a sense of humour. You can’t watch Keith Olbermann or The Daily Show or even the Colbert Report, because hell, he’s making fun of you more than the rest.

But let’s say you’re a huge fan of 30 Rock, and you read something like this: But the prospect of cranking out that impression should John McCain win the election prompts Fey to say, “If she wins, I’m done. I can’t do that for four years. And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth.”

I see comments like this, and I wonder:

The Palin hate fest continues unabated.
It’s funny how SNL removed a spoof that skewered Democrats from the NBC website. Hollywood celebs announce their hate for Palin one by one and the neo-lib hipsters foam at the mouth.

I read articles about CBS’ insistence to have a member of the band No Age remove his Obama shirt (while Regina Spektor wore her Obama dress without incident on Conan a few weeks back), and the comments are starting to devolve into a war over universal healthcare.

Even Fall Out Boy recognizes that they can’t joke around anymore.


So, I want to know: McCain/Palin supporters, is anything funny anymore?

These are bizarre, scary times. And the Republicans don’t even get to laugh about it. Because let’s face it. Bill O’Reilly? Not funny.

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  1. October 15, 2008 8:25 am

    Did you see that guy David Frum last night on Rachel Maddow? That was intense. He came on her show, basically throwing away everything he was supposed to be talking about, and attacked her (and other members of the media) for making a mockery of this election and, in short, dumbing down the level of discourse about the entire thing.

    At some point he even equated the way the media is handling covering the election with McCain/Palin supporters yelling “KILL HIM!” at their rallies in reference to Obama. I mean WTF?!

    I mean, REALLY? I think if people want to use comedy and satire as a way of informing the public, and getting people to pay attention to what’s going on in our country (I admit, this is how I’ve become so interested in this election), then that’s great.

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