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Nastia Liuken begins THERE’S A POLL FEATURE NOW?!

October 15, 2008

Oh LAWD. Sorry. I was going to write about Nastia Liuken but I totally got distracted by the fact that WordPress apparently added a POLLING FEATURE to their blogs. YES. That excites me to no end.

OKAY. Anyway. Nastia Liuken begins her saturation of the Mainstream Prime Time TV. According to this article on Yahoo News, the producers of the massive CW hit Gossip Girl have asked Liuken to make an appearance in an upcoming episode, set to be filmed on October 21st.

“I was going to play myself and then they thought it would be cool to give me a character,” she said. “A bunch of my friends always watch, so to actually be on it, it’s really cool.”

I’m not the HUGEST Nastia fan, so at least she’s not playing herself. Hah. When word comes out on when the episode will air, you’ll all be first to know. Luv.

Speaking of Gossip Girl, can we PLEASE TALK ABOUT THIS WEEK’S EPISODE? It was the first and only time thus far that Chuck Bass has ever done something that I completely did not expect.

Only Chuck Bass, man. Only Chuck Bass. Either way, though, my heart (and loins) still belong only to Nate Archibald. Sigh.

Oh, Nathaniel Archibald. Take me, Im yours.

Oh, Nathaniel Archibald. Take me, I'm yours.

In completely unrelated news, THE DEBATE IS TONIGHT THE DEBATE IS TONIGHT YESSSSS!!! I was busy hosting a Debate Party on Skype last week so I didn’t get to LiveBlog, and I apologize profusely, although Kim did a great job covering the event in my absence. I’ll be taking over tonight, though, and I promise to keep it as sexy as Politics will allow.

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  1. October 18, 2008 9:00 pm

    oh nathaniel, your dimples. your perfectly coiffed hair. swoon swoon swoon.

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