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October 16, 2008

Ohhhh my goodness gracious. It’s almost that time! Just about 15 minutes to the final presidential debate of the 2008 Election. According to all the talking heads, this is gonna be THE debate to watch during this election, so this is pretty exciting. I’m not really convinced, though. The first two debates? NOT SO ENTERTAINING.

I’m tuned into CNN right now, which is making me itchy cos I’m strictly MSNBC, but I like the lil tickers that CNN plays with during the debates.

What’s with all the analysts with the laptops on CNN? Its like laptop central up in that piece. I don’t like their set, man. GIMME BACK MY MSNBC.




Wolf Blitzer (seriously? What kinda name is that.) just said that this debate is going to focus on domestic issues, and “domestic issues” in this case means the economy. Just like the last two debates. Sigh.

Hi, Bob Scheiffer. Senators Obama and McCain are coming out right now. I don’t know how Obama keeps his composure, especially after the past few weeks with the McCain camp calling him a traitor, a terrorist, and calling for his head at their rallies. This is proof that I can never be president cos I would come out there,shake his hand, and punch him in his wrinkly, 72 year-old face. POW. RIGHT IN THE KISSER.

Barry is either gonna kiss him or HEAD-BUTT HIM.

Barry is either gonna kiss him or HEAD-BUTT HIM.

1. Why is your economic plan better than your opponent’s plan?

McCain starts the debate with shout outs. Of course. He says Americans are angry. NO SHIT, HOMIE. That was a whole lot of blah, blah, blah right there. All I heard was “angry, angry, angry, citizens, citizens, butts.”

Obama is controlling his Barack Noise right now. Sorta. I’M GONNA KEEP TABS ON THAT, BARRY. DON’T YOU TRY ME.

McCain is telling a story about Obama’s interaction with a voter in .. Minnesota was it? He’s staring RIGHT at the camera and blinking about 78 times a minute, and it’s really freaking me out.

Whine. I don’t like hearing about tax breaks. That stuff goes straight over my lil head.

The Menda Agenda said, (6 minutes ago)

I’m really just hoping McCain and Obama are going to play Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots at the table.


McCain has said that Obama wants to “spread the wealth around” about 8 times in the last 12 seconds. What. The. Hell. This debate only started 11 minutes ago and he’s already being a belligerent little tool. He basically just said that what Obama wants to do is take Joe Plumber’s money, and keep it for himself. EXCUSE ME? Honestly, at some point duing that menagerie of “spread the wealth around,” I almost thought he was going to call Obama a dirky commie.

2. Won’t some of your proposals have to be cut to to the soaring deficit?

Obama is talking about going through the entire budget line by line and eliminate programs that don’t work or that we don’t need. I’d like to know which programs in particular he’s talking about.

Moderator Bob just interrupted McCain and asked him point blank which programs he’d cut. lol. Here we go again with the spending freeze.  “Some people say that’s a hatchet. Well, that’s a hatchet and then I’d take out a scalpel.” What? Is this Nip/Tuck?

Obama: “It is a hatchet and we do need a scalpel.” This is an analogy that I am just not getting, man. If crazy Matt from Nip/Tuck shows up, I’m gonna freak out. I halfway expect them to pan the audience and give me a shot of Christian Troy, sweaty and hairy with a pair of female legs extended in front of him. Oh, YOU ALL know what I’m talking about.

Bob wants to know 3. if either of the candidates feel they can balance the budget.

McCain says yes, he does, and that he isn’t Bush, and if Obama wanted to run against Bush, he should have run 4 years ago. WHY IS HE ALWAYS SO GRUMPY?



He asks Obama when was the last time he stood up to the major members of the democratic party. Obama goes through the list of things that he supports that kinda piss people off. Is that really a good idea?

LOL “Even FoxNEWS disputes him,” in reference to McCain. WELL PLAYED, HOMIE.

Omgggg. Now McCain is talking about his “long record” of fighting against his party. He just makes himself look like an angry little internet troll who doesn’t agree with ANYONE. Cos that’s what we need in the white house: a 72 year old BRAT.

Hoshit. Bob is asking about their campaigns.

4. Will you say to each other’s face the negative attacks launched by your campaign?

McCain is saying that the tone of the campaign could have been different had Obama agreed to do any of the town hall meetings that he asked him to. Now he’s saying that Obama didn’t repudiate negative remarks about McCain and Palin. He then goes on to say that Obama has spent more money on negative campaigning than anyone else.

Personally, I’ve seen a lot more ads from McCain than Obama. Just sayin.

Obama punches back by saying that 100% of McCain’s ads have been negative and he interrupts and says it’s not true. He’s diplomatic about the whole thing and says he’s okay with being attacked for the next three weeks, and then brings back the discourse to how we should be talking about policy, like everyone should have been, from the beginning.

Had the economy not ROLLED OVER AND DIED over the past two months, everyone would still be talking about Bristol Palin, I swear.

McCain says that Obama has been running ads attacking his healthcare plan, and basically just telling lies about his stances on things like Stem Cell Research. Whine, whine, whine.

Obama brings up all the CRAP going on at Palin rallies about people shouting “TERRORIST!” and “KILL HIM!” and not even being reprimanded in any way by either of the republican candidates. McCain keeps trying to interrupt. CALM DOWN, BRO.

McCain says he’s proud of the people who come to his rallies. Glad to know that he is proud of people calling for the head of his opponent. Amazing. Now he’s calling for more information about Obama’s relations with Ayers and ACORN.

Obama is clarifying his relationship with Bill Ayers.

Xenu said, (0 minutes ago)

“You and Mr. Ayers made out TWICE. I have records!”


5. Why would the country be better off if your running mate became president rather than your opponent’s?

AHAAHAAHAH. Good job, Moderator Bob. Because, CLEARLY, this is an issue of vast importance. I’m not even being sarcastic. I’m interested.

Obama is doing a great job dressing up Joe Biden. Blahblah we love him. Blahblah he’s not ugly. We know. He says they agree on right issues.

MCCAIN TRIES TO JUSTIFY PALIN RIIIIIIGHT… NOW! He says everyone has gotten to know Palin. Have we? Have we REALLY? When was the last time (….or first time) she has been allowed to be interviewed by the press? Hm? She’s a reformer, through and through. She understands reform? REALLY? I wasn’t aware that she understood how to even answer a basic question, but I guess she’s a great reformer.

Bob asks Obama if he thinks Governor Palin is qualified to be President. He does the smart thing by keeping his mouth shut about her experience, and says that it’s up to the voters to decide. He did mention that special needs programs are the ones that need to be funded more, which was a nice firm head shake to the fact that Palin cut funding for the Special Olympics in Alaska, despite the fact that she is, in fact, the mother of a special needs child.

McCain says that he does think Biden is qualified to be President, but he think’s he’s been wrong on a lot of things. Then he goes on to babble babble babble, and Bob cuts him off to ask the next question. THANKS, MODERATOR BOB.

6. How much do you believe we can reduce the dependence of foreign imports on oil?

Oy. I got lost somewhere. Obama says we can’t drill our way out of the problem, and I agree. I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t wanna drill in the US. I’m sorry. I just don’t. I’d rather we work on reducing dependence on ALL oil rather than just foreign oil.

McCain says that Obama mentioned looking at off-shore drilling. He says we don’t need to look at it, we need to drill.

Well, that’s great.


Zab said, (4 minutes ago)

Sarah’s already out there. Offshore. With lipstick and a Black and Decker. Drill!

The Menda Agenda said, (1 minute ago)


Their names, obviously, Joanna plumber and Jolinda plumber.
John McCain and Herbert Hoover were BFF back in the day.

God, I love GTI. They’re “my friends.”

7. Would you favor controlling health care costs over expanding coverage?

McCain keeps bringing up Joe Plumber and it’s killin me, man. KILLIN’ ME.

This is always the part of the debate, after the first hour or so, that they just completely lose me. All the phrases and all the mentions of Joe Schmoe and Joe Sixpack and Joe Plumber and Joe Shithead and pitbulls with lipstick and blahhblahblah… I can’t deal with it. IT HURTS. This is why I need Killer Kim with me. She helps me not to lose focus. SIGH.

McCain says Obama wants the government to take control of health care. He thinks instead that Joe should have control of his own healthcare. YEAH, JOE.

Hooray! Joe the Plumber is going to be in charge of healthcare!

8. Could you nominate someone to the supreme court who disagrees with you on Roe v. Wade?

That’s actually a good question, but I don’t think either of the candidates would actually say that they wouldn’t nominate someone who disagreed with them. I mean, get real.

McCain says he would consider anyone for supreme court based on their qualifications, and he would never impose any litmus test.

Obama agrees that there shouldn’t be an imposition of a litmus test. He says that he thinks Roe v. Wade was rightly decided, and that it’s a very sensitive issue. The Constitution has a right to privacy that the state shouldn’t be subject to referrendum. I agree. THANKS, SENATOR OBAMA. U DA MAN.

Moderator Bob cuts off the candidates in the middle of a completely seperate debate about Abortion, which I’m glad for because personally, I don’t wanna hear about it. That’s an opinion everyone should just keep to themselves.

Last question:

9. Do the candidates feel that the fact that our education levels trails most of the countries of the world poses a threat to our National Security?

That’s kind of a weird question, isn’t it? I think our education system is AWFUL. I don’t know how it is in other states but I am the daughter of two career-long teachers and I have seen the effects of both the Private and Public systems here in Florida, and it is nasty.

Obama says that he plans to institute a $4,000 yearly tuition credit to students in exchange for some form of Community Service. I really wish something like that existed back when I was a student. Not that I have a lot of debt, but I have enough to make me uncomfortable.

Wah. I lost focus towards the end there. The debate is basically over now. They’re making their closing remarks.

McCain says that our votes should be based on who we can trust more, with our tax dollars, among other things. If we’re going on TRUST, I don’t trust John McCain and ESPECIALLY Sarah Palin as far as I can throw ’em. N with my back, I shouldn’t be throwing anyone.

Obama says that we’ve confirmed within him the generosity of the American People. Blahblahblah.

I know who I’m voting for, but I’ve known for a while already. This debate was, once again, not what it was advertised as, but that’s life. The answers were ones that were expected, but I think the candidates each handled themselves as well as could have been expected. Obama was calm, McCain was a grumpy tool, but not so much that it was more annoying than usual.

Anyway, time to use this HANDY DANDY POLL FEATURE AGAIN:

I need a nap.

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  1. October 17, 2008 4:53 pm

    McCain lost not only to Obama, but to Joe the Plumber.


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