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The Autumn Playlist.

October 17, 2008

A few weeks ago, I saw Death Cab for Cutie at Radio City Music Hall. It was a fun show overall, but mainly, and timed with the beginning of fall, it was just cold. They started to play “The New Year,” and I actually ended up putting on my jacket. Because all Death Cab for Cutie songs are chilly. Cold. In a good, melty, atmospheric way. Just trust me on this one.

So I got to thinking. What other songs fit in with the change of temperature, that we now face in the middle of Autumn.

And I present to you my infinite playlist (Gross).

Death Cab for Cutie – Death of an Interior Decorator: Okay, so as previously mentioned, they inspired this list. And even though I would likely say that the entire DCFC collection is the dead of winter cold (Transatlanticism, anyone?), this one is “leaves are falling off the trees, I’m tired of listening to that Boys Like Girls song because your voice is no longer the soundtrack to my summer, and now I’m depressed.” But not full on watching the fires just to see it all burn.

Cold War Kids – Hospital Bed: Atmosphere. Boredom. Whiny. Bed. Joy. Misery. Autumn. Enough said.

Beirut – Gulag Orkestar: This song makes me think of this.

This picture makes me think of Autumn.

This picture makes me think of Autumn.

Albert Hammond Jr – Holiday: It’s so easy to be cozy in my bed reading books and getting depressed and ruining lives. Why am I not in Jamaica or something?

Melee – Sleeping Through Autumn: Self explanatory. Also, they were just a fun little band that wrote some pretty soaring songs with a lead singer that had a great voice, until they got all weird and the guitarist started acting like he was Japanese or something? Who knows? I choose to remember them for this. And having seen them and the Rocket Summer in 2003 or something. The Rocket Summer does not equal an autumn band.

Bright Eyes – Bowl of Oranges: This song makes me want to drink tea while wrapped in a blanket and watching the rain fall through my kitchen window. It’s beautiful. And poetic. And sad. Like the season.

Vampire Weekend – Campus: Because fall is not all depressing. It’s mellow. And you’re back in college again! Yes! And some people are walking all slow and wearing keffiyehs. Like Natalie Portman. Now I want to take a cold nap on a rock in Central Park. Thanks, Vampire Weekend. Thanks a lot.

Jimmy Eat World – Chase This Light: Because sometimes I just like a catchy song that I can listen to while driving around in a car to sing really loud while the cold air rolls in the windows and burns my lungs. “Because right now, I don’t dare to breathe.”

The Get Up Kids – Mass Pike: Same logic as with the Jimmy Eat World song. Except a little sappier. Only the best of the 90s emo bands write fall love songs. Also, they’re totally reuniting, and it makes my 15 year old heart swell.

RENT – Halloween: I tried to stay away from musical songs, but this is pretty necessary. Autumn. We are all contemplative, and we all have great guitar lines. That’s poetic.

That’s pathetic.

Kanye West – Homecoming: I have been given reasons for this one, because originally I chose “Flashing Lights.”

– homecomings happen at the dawn of autumn
– homecomings happen at schools and autumn is when schools start
– homecomings involve football and you like football
– chris martin is in the song, so you can then eliminate coldplay

Thanks, dude.

Maroon 5 – Pure Imagination: I just heard this song on the kids station on a JetBlue flight recently. Why was I listening to the kids station? I have no good answer. All I know is, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a chilly movie. It’s cold and weird and so is this arrangement of the song. It throws me off more than knowing that NSync covered “More Than a Feeling.” Seriously, what’s that about?

I was serious. Did you not believe me?

Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire: I don’t know. I’m obsessed with this song for various reasons, and I’m the one making the list. That’s why.

Wilco – Heavy Metal Drummer: Because I just had an awesome summer, and now I’m reminiscing. About the innocence I’ve known. Playing Kiss covers… ok, I’ll stop. And because sometimes you just need to dance, yo.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Home on Ice: It’s fireworks shooting through the red sky soft. Deceptively beautiful. And I just don’t care anymore.

Honorable Mentions: Postal Service – “District Sleeps Alone Tonight,” Rufus Wainwright – “Complainte de la Butte,” Kara’s Flowers – “As Things Collide,” Rilo Kiley – “Execution of All Things,” Coldplay – “See You Soon,” Ben Kweller – “In Other Words,” Arcade Fire – “Keep the Car Running”


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