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The Satur(Thurs)day Night Live Weekend Update Update

October 18, 2008

And… we’re back.

Parnell! Again! I’m starting to think that Lorne Michaels reads my blog and knows that somewhere out there, there is a random 24 year old that loves herself some Chris Parns. Boy is he wonderful. He doesn’t look old enough to be Bob Schieffer, though.

Dear Election 08,

Thank you so much for helping to prove once again why Darrell Hammond is such a genius.



I would like to be at the rally where John McCain calls Barack Obama “uncircumcised.” Unfortunately, the “Off with his head” comments are true. It’s disappointing.

Fred Armisen is rocking the Barack noise. He gets better at the Obama impression on a weekly basis. However, he pales in comparison when onstage with Darrell and Parnell. Armisen has some strong, strong impressions, this one isn’t necessarily it. Darrell embodies John McCain. Fred has the mouth expressions and the intonation down, though.

“No, don’t worry my tiny friend, I won’t let him raise your taxes.”

I’m so amazed by the amount to which Saturday Night Live rips apart John McCain in this sketch. A friend and I were discussing today the thought process that everyone knows McCain is done, so they’re just setting him up and watching him fall — ie. the return to old John McCain form in his hilarious speech at the Al Smith dinner. His weird silent movie facial expressions and being tortured in Vietnam jokes on Letterman. And the media’s desire to not even come close to being unbiased — there was nary a potshot at Obama in that sketch at all. Yet all of this complacency makes little sense with the news that Obama has actually dropped two points in the polls.

And in case you were wondering, John McCain said the phrase “Joe the Plumber” 14 times in that one sketch.

Wow, Weekend Update, I should’ve just continued watching, you just mentioned the overconfidence factor. Seth Meyers is a comic writing genius, and he’s really getting the chance to show it off lately. He’s also getting a chance to do a John McCain impression while wearing his Update suit. That was nice. Kristen Wiig, you make me almost okay with the soon to be loss of Amy Poehler from the SNL ranks. “They have org-ees” is my new favorite quote this week.

I really can’t say it enough tonight, folks. This Weekend Update special is brilliant. Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers have been handed their microphone, and they’re not afraid to use it. John McCain pretty much just got torn to shreds. I like how he’s probably lurching around somewhere in a blind rage because of it. Haunted. House. Skeletons.

I want to go to a taping of this. It’s awesome. Darn.

Most of the cast appeared last week, but not this time. I wonder where they all are. Maybe they’re too busy gathered around trying to write some sketches for Sarah Palin.

And we’re done. Seth Meyers is slow dancing with crazy Kristen Wiig, and it is too precious. What are the odds that Amy Poehler’s water breaks in the middle of a sketch one day? That would be amazingly ridiculous. And amazing. And ridiculous.

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