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Hey, how’d you find me?

October 21, 2008

The internet is a strange, strange place. And somehow me and my cohort have trapped some of you in our internet web. So we figured that we would do something nice for you and answer all of your search questions.

Also, to be nice, there are some things coming up that might not be safe for work, you Google Reader folks. Maybe save this one for home. Nobody’s naked. But there is some potentially scandalous business.

Here are some of the most popular search phrases that have gotten traffic on this here piece of the pie. And I will do my darndest to finish it before Gossip Girl ends. Vanessa’s in trouble.

OMFG, Indeed.

OMFG, Indeed.

First, to answer your questions:

  • i missed the tnt james dean movie where can i find it
  • Well, my dear interfriend, you’ve missed a good one. But all is not lost! It’s on DVD, so you can Netflix it, rent it, buy it, steal it, write angry letters to TNT to have them replay it multiple times, or go find James Franco at Columbia and ask him for a copy*.

  • camp out rockefeller center snl
  • Or any other variation of the such. You want to know what it takes to do standby. Basically, you’re going to be camping out at NBC studios overnight. I recommend getting there at 6:30 or so, weather permitting. If the weather is awful, feel free to show up around 10:30/11. Bring a chair, a sleeping bag or a bunch of blankets. It gets cold. Even when you think, man it’s 65 degrees, not so bad. It is so bad. Especially when you’re outside and can’t really leave the line or you might get kicked out. Layers. Blankets. Deck of cards. Cameras. It’s a once in a lifetime (or multiple times in a lifetime if you’re nuts like me) experience to camp out in the middle of the metropolis that is NYC. Just be prepared to answer, “What are you waiting in line for?” at least 35 times.

    And now! What you’re really looking for:

  • kim ausmus
  • I’m not entirely sure where this came from. I’m not going to lie, this was only searched for once. I’m assuming it’s someone’s name, but to me it just means that I ended up marrying Brad Ausmus.

    I can live with that.

    I can live with that.

  • john mccain is a jerk
  • Yeah, Celisse already covered that.

  • anthony rapp
  • Okay, I feel mildly guilty about this one. Because we’ve said very little about Anthony Rapp here, but he has gotten us many, many hits. So I’ll share some photos that I took at the stage door of RENT last summer when he and Adam Pascal were back in it for a bit.

    I know, they’re not fabulous. But they’re Anthony Rapp. And just for kicks, here’s a video of him singing “Losing My Religion,” which any real RENThead knows he sang at his audition for the show. Aw.

  • thomas finchum bulge
  • I’m not entirely sure what it would be like to be an 18 year old diver that wanders around in a Speedo with everyone wanting to see what’s going on under there for many, many reasons. But lots of people do. And since I’m here for the people, here you go.

  • flurge acronym
  • It’s okay. I thought it was “flurge,” too. But it’s not. It’s flerg. And according to Urban Dictionary, this is what it means:

    Flerg 15 up, 2 down

    1.) The state of a man’s penis when it is not erect.

    2.) The foreskin of a man’s penis.
    “man, that cold water sure gave me a flerg”

    Informative, no?

  • michael phelps nutella
  • I am not entirely sure where this came from, except to say that it was on the table in the Michael Phelps diet sketch on SNL. Michael Phelps and nutella. I’m not sure which I like more.



  • Seth meyers shirtless
  • And to end it all, many, many people have really wanted to see Seth Meyers shirtless. I do love Seth Meyers. But I’m more a fan of his dancing then his shirtlessness. Unless it’s this.

    Short & Curly Shampoo

    Short & Curly Shampoo

    One of the most random and hilarious SNL advertisements I’ve ever seen. Seth Meyers is naked. (Photo courtesy of Guy Candy) And unfortunately, since NBC doesn’t like us to remember the funny years later, I can’t provide you with the hilarious video proof.

    That’s all I have for now.

    That and some thoughts on Gossip Girl:
    Eric van der Woodsen is adorable. He needs more of a role.
    Why would Chuck think that going for Vanessa would get him back in the good graces of Nathaniel? Weren’t Nate and Vanessa in loves like four episodes ago? Smart.

    ALSO, since it’s been awhile..

    Eamon. Sullivans. Torso.

    Eamon. Sullivan's. Torso.

    *=I can’t really condone this one.

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