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Guys, okay. We NEED to talk about Nancy Pfotenhauer.

October 23, 2008

Ohhhh lawd. That crazypants Nancy Pfotenhauer and her crazy bobble-head and her crazy words. You’d think by now she’d learn to just STOP TALKING. PLEASE. But no, she’s up to her antics yet again.

Who the hell is Nancy Pfotenhauer? Well. If you’ve been watching cable news over the past few months, I’m sure you’ve seen her. Pfotenhauer, former president of the ridiculously conservative and slightly oxymoronic Independent Women’s Forum, is an economist who studied under Walter Williams (aka the backup host when Rush Limbaugh can’t make it — which says it all), and currently serves as an advisor to the McCain campaign. She’s in the same generation of McCain pundits and surrogates as the now infamously ill-fated Carly Fiorina, so, you know.

She smiles a LOT but doesn’t really say much. When she actually does get a word in — you know, when hosts and analysts decide to let her dig her own grave for a few seconds — she does a wonderful job of making herself and the campaign look even more idiotic than usual.

Nancy’s been makin’ some waves in the media circuit over the past few days. Earlier this week was the already famous quote about Northern Virginia not being the “Real Virginia,” as mentioned by Keithy O in the video that Kim posted in this entry:

Then today she made yet another appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews:

Ignoring the actual topic at hand and focusing solely on Pfotenhauer’s non-statements, it’s hard to understand why she continues to embarrass herself by appearing on cable news over and over and over again. Every time I’ve seen her, she’s been ripped apart by the likes of Chris Matthews and David Shuster and other angry journalists carrying torches and machetes. This video at Jezebel pretty accurately depicts Pfotenhauer’s reactions to anything involving legitimacy: a HUGE smile and a sqashed attempt to actually speak.

In all honesty, after watching her embarrass her party even further over the past couple months, I’m surprised she’s made it this long. She tells lies with such botox-eyed excitement, but doesn’t even do it well. Explain to me, public, why hasn’t the McCain campaign pulled a Fiorina on this crazyass? I guess they’re doing exactly what Kevin Corke said in the first clip: giving her a chance to climb back off that ledge.

Oh, politics.

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