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Floridian voters gettin’ screwed. As usual.

October 24, 2008

In a recent thread on GTI, I expressed my confusion over why early voting lines down here have been taking so long. I asked how long it was taking for people in other states and the host replied that it took him about 15 minutes in Texas.

I thought one of the pros of early voting was to cut the lines down, but at the rally on Tuesday, I heard a few people complaining that the lines at the early voting polling places were ridiculously long. Some said they or their friends had been waiting in line for over six hours. To be honest, I wasn’t paying that much attention to the conversations about it, and I chalked it up to people rushing rushing rushing to get their votes in, since early voting started in Florida on Monday. I figured the rush would die down in a few days and I’d try voting a little later in the week.

Well. Imagine my surprise when I found out, on the Rachel Maddow Show, of all places, exactly why the lines here are taking so long:

[the bit about Florida starts at around 1:30 into the clip]

I guess waiting to get it done isn’t a great idea. Now I’m even more annoyed with the Republicans than I was before.

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