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Saturday Night Live – The Weekend Update Special Pt. 3

October 24, 2008

Okay, seriously guys. Seriously. NBC must be stalking this blog. Because it was a mere FIVE DAYS AGO, that I wrote that we should all remember how amazing Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush impression was. And here he is. Wow.

Hello, world.

Hello, world.

I love the night time press conference, too. It’s been a bizarre few weeks to wake up and hear that the President will be addressing the nation in 15 minutes or so. Oh, okay. Because I’ll be on the subway then. I haven’t seen a single one of his recent addresses.

It’s interesting that Forte comes in to remind Bush that the country is “in a horrible downward spiral,” particularly since Forte played Bush for awhile, wasn’t so good at it, and was replaced by Sudeikis.

Is Tina wearing eight flag pins? And aw, a jab at Sarah Palin’s $150,000 shopping spree. The fake Americans really loved that one.

John McCain has been outmavericked. And a photo of this to help the campaign out? Done and done.

The potential future of America.

The potential future of America.

Ferrell is really milking it for all it’s worth here. John McCain. George W. Bush. 90% of the time. Remember the name.

And in case you missed it the first time...

And in case you missed it the first time...

Yes, this was Saturday Night Live being clear on what they want you to do and who they want you to vote for, but boy have I missed the Ferrell Bush.

I’m pretty sure Amy Poehler dyed her hair. That doesn’t matter at all in life. Except for that one scene in Baby Mama where Tina Fey yells at pregnant Amy not to dye her hair because of the chemicals. Aw, Fred Armisen is making fun of John King. I love John King. Even if he is married to Dana Bash. Last night on AC 360, King pointed out that there were a few exciting map developments he’ll be unveiling on Election Night, so take THAT Fred. I wish that they would switch to a Google satellite view or something.

Now THATs a map.

Now THAT's a map.

…Wow, they did it. The Google satellite thing. Why am I not a writer for SNL? Call me, NBC readers, I’m clearly equipped for this.

Take that, New Hampshire. Que paso? Esta alli! I need a new character map to properly transcribe the Spanish. Lo siento. I want to play around with a map like that. It would be amazing. And colorful.

If I had a goldfish, I would name it Jerry Orbach. Princess Nudelman. Pssh.

Oscar Rodgers! Sweet. I loved him in the first Weekend Update special. And yes, he says the exact same things, and yes I randomly still find them funny. Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, never leave me. Even though you will soon enough. I don’t care. You are both too precious to not make me laugh every week.

Does Andy Samberg have a giant hand or a small microphone? This Jam the Vote segment seems like a total Digital Short that didn’t get made. Sudeikis should always wear glasses. And that was fascinating. Vomit and Samberg and hot links and Kristen Wiig having nothing to do.

Aw, it’s over. And Tina Fey is chanting about 30 Rock. And Will Ferrell is wearing a USC hoodie. And Tina Fey is laying on her old anchor table and Seth Meyers is posing like The Thinker, and geez. You know, I’ve watched SNL since before I was probably old enough to really get it, but the Tinas and the Amys and the Ferrells are my generations of SNL, and Amy’s going to leave and Seth doesn’t do much anymore but write and it’s all going to be depressing. So I tip my hat to you, old guard of SNL for Generation Y. Love.

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