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T.I. wants Joe Biden. He needs Joe Biden.

October 26, 2008

A conversation between Kim and Myself about T.I., and Joe Biden:

Celisse: ahahaah. omg.
Celisse: i’m listening right now to WHATEVA U LIIIIIIKE

Celisse: and my friend MUPaully on GTI mentioned to me recently
Kim: I love that song
Celisse: that one of his friends always sings “i want joe biden. need joe biden” and that i would never be able to hear it as anything else after that
Celisse: and YEAH SO TRUE
Celisse: i’m sitting here cracking up now
Kim: Hahahahhahahaha
Celisse: oh God. next time you hear that song if you see joe biden in your head, you have to text me
Celisse: n be like I NEED JOE BIDEN
Kim: Haha
Kim: As long as you got me you don’t need joe biden?
Celisse: aahaahahaljdsfd
Celisse: seriously if it was obama and TI, dude
Celisse: no one would even care about the swing states
Kim: Lol
Kim: Sessie

Now I know, in Bizzaroland, what Barack Obama’s favorite song is:

Oh, Barry. Singin’ T.I. and looking good doing it.


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