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Liveblogging the Obamamercial. You know how I do.

October 30, 2008

So, I wasn’t going to Liveblog Obama’s 30-minute ad tonight, Kim was. But Kim actually has, like a job, and an income and a life and stuff, so I’m gonna take over.

It opens up with a photo of Obama and Biden, and all I can think about is how Obama WANTS JOE BIDEN. HE NEEDS JOE BIDEN. BUT LONG AS WE GOT HIM, HE DON’T NEED NO BIDEN.

Wheat fields. I almost wrote corn fields. Cos agriculture is not my forte.

Obama is in a snazzy office, talking to me about how he’s travelled for the past 20 months, meeting people who are looking for real, lasting change.

He’s telling us that he’s going to introduce us to some important people tonight. WILL BILL CLINTON BE SINGING DONT U FORGET ABOUT ME? Cos he needs to.

Oh, he’s not introducing us to Bill Clinton, but he is introducing me to Rebecca Johnston. Who has those dorky stick-figure family drawings on her car. She lives in Kansas City. I wish he had come to meet me so I could be on MSNBC right now. Rebecca’s husband has a torn ACL Miniskus? I have no idea what that is. He can’t get an operation for it cos they can’t afford the disability. SHE IS SHOWING US HER FRIDGE. I think fridges say a lot about a person. Hers says: “I am trying to make ends meet, so I am voting for Obama.”

Now Obama is speaking at a rally, and the shot is really really pretty. Its by the same person who directed An Inconvenient Truth, so that’s awesome.

I’ll eventually IMDB his name…….. cough.

OKAY we’re back in the office with Barry and he’s telling us about the bailout, and that the middle class will get their money back first. He starts talking about the things he is going to do:

  • Cut taxes for families making less than $200,000. I thought it was 250k?
  • Tax credit for helping new employees in US.
  • Eliminating Tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.
  • Freeze foreclosures for 90 days.
  • Low cost loans for small businesses.

He says this wont grow the government. It grows the economy.

Those points sound good to me, especially the eliminating tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. Only slightly related, but I recently worked for a company who hired a LOT LOT LOT LOT LOT of international employees. That’s great for them, but a lot of the regular employees who had been there a while kinda suffered because of it. Pretty lame.

Now they’re talking about how Obama is gonna cut taxes. Cut taxes cut taxes blahblah. We’ll see.

Now we meet Larry Stewart, and his wife Juanita. They have a GIANT family, live in Ohio, are very old, and are very cute. Larry is playing the electric guitar. Juanita has a BOX full of Prescription medications due to her rheumatoid arthritis. :C

To help pay for her medications and other bills, they took out a loan on their house. I don’t know why I’m telling you the life story of these people, but they are cute as heck. Larry has been retired for 10 years, and is 72 years old, but he’s been working for the past 5 years at Walmart to help pay their bills. “I just sell things, that’s all,” is what Larry says. :C

We’re back in the office with Obama. He’s talking now about energy efficiency. MORE POINTS:

  • $15bil a year in energy efficiency and renewables
  • Creating 5 million clean energy jobs that pay well and can’t be outsourced.
  • Help auto companies re-tool for furl efficient cars. I read somewhere once that currently, the only two companies that make REAL hybrid cars are Toyota and Honda. That kinda makes me sad because my DREAM CAR is the Lexus 330 Hybrid. Not that I’ll ever be able to AFFORD that damn car, but I’m just saying. I drive a Yaris right now. His name is sheldon, I love him, and despite not being a hybrid, he does pretty good with gas, so I’m okay for now.
  • Do hoverboards count as fuel efficient vehicles? WHERE ARE OUR HOVERBOARDS, BARRY?
  • Tax credit to help afford fuel efficient cars. YES. HELPIN’ ME GET THAT LEXUS.
  • Tap natural gas reserves
  • Invest in clean coal technology
  • Expand domestic production of oil

He says we need to usher in a new era of responsibility concerning the environment.

Now he’s talking about changing our policy in Iraq, and they cut to the first debate where he says we’re spending $10bil in Iraq every month. He’s talking to a small group of supporters and saying that with the money we spend in Iraq, we could build schools, give scholarships, etc etc. Aint dat the truf.

Now we meet Juliana Sanchez and her family. Her parents were both educators. SOUNDS LIKE ME. She’s a single mom of two teens and she works in a school for at risk children. She takes teacher training classes after work to advance her skills.

Now Barack is talking about his father. They show pictures of him from when he was young and it’s really incredible. They show pictures of him with his mother. She was really pretty. He says the absence of his father helped shape him more than the month of presence he got when he was 10. Man.

He’s back in the office, now, and talking about education and healthcare reform. He finally brings up something that I’m really, really interested in hearing more about:

  • Tax credits to students to cover tuition in exchange for community service. I wonder if that’s okay for grad students too cos man, I kinda wanna go back to school, but I certainly can’t afford it right now.

About his healthcare plan:

  • Improve Information Technology
  • Requires coverage for preventative care and pre-existing conditions.
  • Lowers costs for families by $2,500

Oh GODDDD. Now he’s talking about the death of his mother, and I’m going to start sobbing in about 11 seconds.


I’m such a sucker for these kinds of documentary-ish things. I haven’t cried YET but I’m on the verge.

Aahahhaha. Sup, Joe Biden. Me and T.I. and Barack love you and yo body.

Now we meet another family. We’re in Louisville, Kentucky. They’re showing pictures and clips of old-timey America. That’s cool. These are Mark Dowd (?) and his wife Melinda, and they have, I think, three kids. They are also struggling to make ends meet. Melinda was recently laid off. Mark works at Ford. He talks about how old timey Americans used to have job security, and now we just don’t have that anymore.

We’re back in the office and Barack is talking about how vital it is to defend liberty. POINTS:

  • Rebuild our military to meet 21st century challenges.
  • Renew tough direct diplomacy to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. He actually says nuclear. GOOD WORK.
  • Refocus our efforts on finishing the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

We’re in Iowa now and Obama is telling a mother that he’ll be praying for her son, who was just sent off to Iraq two weeks earlier.

She looks like she’s gonna cry and now I feel like I’m gonna cry cos I’m a huge sap. Sheesh.

Now he’s on the stump talking about how everybody has a story. This might be the point where I cry. I’m getting that pre-cry nose pain. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? I HOPE THAT DOESN’T ONLY HAPPEN TO ME.

Now Barack is LIVE FROM FLORIDA, and this is the point where I get SUPER PISSED because somehow, I missed that he was down here in Sunrise again, and I missed YET ANOTHER chance to see him. I am such a failure. He says something about helping “the young student in Fort Lauderdale who can’t afford tuition” and the crowd goes wild. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE. HELP US, OBAMA. HELP.

I’m so excited to vote. He’s making his closing argument speech kind of, again. I love the end of this speech.

I’M SO EXCITED TO VOTE. You people don’t even understand. I’ve voted before in 2004, but I was living in Orlando at the time so I voted by absentee ballot, which, as I’m sure you know, is pretty anti-climactic. So I’m excited to BE THERE. IN LINE. CASTING MY BALLOT FOR THE FIRST (second) TIME. YES.

Okay. I’m more inspired now, because the best way to get to me is through a documentary. Sheesh. I’m so predictable.

It’s over now, and I feel good. It was nice to hear something without McCain or Palin or that joke of a campaign being mentioned even once. Whew. Relief.

How do you feel?

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  1. October 30, 2008 2:31 am

    hold the phone…. Did Barack INSPIRE you?!

    Oh, happy day.

    I need to see this.

  2. October 30, 2008 2:36 am

    I’m not counting it as REAL inspiration cos it was an INFOMERCIAL.

  3. October 30, 2008 2:37 am

    Lend me a tissue!!! *sniff*

  4. November 11, 2008 7:56 am

    whatever his likes and dislikes related to other things,about dat i can’t comment you,but the thing that you say about clean coal technology is very clear.

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