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The INSTANT Ben Affleck/David Cook Review

November 2, 2008

Ben Affleck has been a pretty good host in the past. Does anyone remember the old car salesman sketch where he showed off his leopard thong? Awesome. I don’t care too much about David Cook, but I’m pretty sure the rest of America does. I wish the musical guest was the Ting Tings, just because I saw them earlier tonight and they were precious and energetic. Aw, shucks.

Cold Open: This is a genius idea. The QVC ad buy/selling. I want a Joe Biden action figure. I need a Joe Biden action figure. John McCain can sell a product really well. Fortunately he can’t sell his candidacy. Cindy McCain looked adorable. I want John McCain’s Pork Knives. I really, really do. Palin going rogue in 2012. Nice. Too bad they weren’t playing Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again.”

Monologue: Man, ladies love Ben Affleck. He looks so sleek. A political monologue. Interesting. He’s mocking John McCain who was just there five seconds ago. Strange. And very short. We’ve had a pair of really short monologues lately. Interesting.

JarGlove commercial: We’ve seen this already. Still funny.

The View: Kristen Wiig looks a lot like Amy Adams in her Hasselbeck get-up. Casey Wilson’s Jennifer Aniston impersonation is pretty awful. She has mannerisms, but the voice.. I’m confused. Ben Affleck as Alec Baldwin, please save this sketch. I like his squinting, but he sounds like Charlton Heston. There’s no point in having Casey Wilson in this sketch.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann: IT’S THE OLBERMANN SKETCH!! I’ve been looking forward to this so. Affleck does a pretty decent Olbermann. I love it. “We will find the folks.” Man, I’m impressed with Ben Affleck already. Although he’s not the stone fox that the real Olbermann is. I feel like NBC has been good with the making fun of Cornell lately. The Office. The entitled Olbermann. I’m sure he’ll be commenting on this sketch sometime soon. I look forward to it. Why do I get the feeling that Affleck added the Romney joke himself?

Hey! My prediction of Paul Rudd is finally right. A little delayed, though. And Beyonce. Fun times.

Target Lady: The entire reason I didn’t like Kristen Wiig to begin with. Although I do appreciate her Almond Joy rhymes. I want a sexy upside down bowl of hair. Ben Affleck is so creepy awesome. Sir Cumference is on the mic gettin really real with Target Lady. I feel like every sketch has been like, two minutes too long. Except that Ben Affleck is kind of being awesome.

Staten Island Zoo: Sudeikis! I’ve missed you tonight. He’s talking to me about giraffes. It’s sad how much I recognize instantly what comes from Andy Samberg or the rest of the Lonely Island guys. Though, if this isn’t from them, I would be super shocked. Aw, I need more Sudeikis now, please. GIRAFFES!

David Cook – “Light On” – I didn’t pay enough attention. I am making cookies with my roommate. But he is rocking out. I forgot they let American Idol people play instruments this season. Good for him.

Weekend Update: Hi, Seth Meyers. I really appreciate his doing this alone. I mean, I know it’s not like it’s the first time that the desk has been a solo job, I just really prefer the two man teams. Also, they definitely have guests wayyy too often. I can understand McCain being on, but they have pretty much two commentors each week now. McCain is getting booed a little bit. Strange. “The Sad Grandpa” is the best campaign strategy McCain has had. I pretty much live for Phil Spector jokes. My favorite duo on SNL is the Forte and Armisen one. I wish they sang a random ass song every week. And my roommate wants you all to know that Forte looks hot tonight. Seriously, one of my favorite things in modern SNL is the Armisen/Forte singing random songs on Update. In fact, if anyone could ever find me and Celisse a clip of them singing the “YAAAAAAH!” song, I would probably fall down and kiss your feet.

celisse: seriouslyyyyy omg
celisse: There would be bonings in for it

It would seriously contend with this.

Wow, they’re really pulling out the awful Kristen Wiig characters tonight. Amy’s Aunt Linda. I enjoy the fact that they choose to spell it as “Ghaaa,” though. Good night, Seth. I love you.

NIght School Musical: Wow, I didn’t recognize Andy. I want to hear the song about Excel Spreadsheets. Ben Affleck has such a rock star voice. I wish this was Sudeikis, because I love hearing him sing. I want to choreograph my own musical.

Grady Wilson: Kenan’s talking to me about love making. I’m so confused. And amused. I don’t like this football stance thing. Especially after the Texas upset earlier today. I want this DVD. To quote the roommate, “That was hilariously disturbing. Or disturbingly hilarious.”

Movie Pitch: Sudeikis! Again! Finally! And hey, Bill Hader, where the hell have you been? You know who I haven’t seen on SNL in a really long time? Rachel Dratch. When’s the last time she cameoed? Has she ever? Sudeikis is so into this pitch. I really enjoy the random freeze frame. I also really enjoy the randomness of this scene. Though it’s maybe a little too random.

David Cook – “Declaration”: I have no idea what this song is, but the mics are not really cooperating. I’ve tried googling half of the lyrics to it, and nothing is coming up. I’m going to guess that it’s called “declaration” since he said it twenty seven billion times.

Bierhoff Bros: This makes me miss Sprocket’s a little bit. Or Hans and Franz. That’s the best slogan ever. “Our no nonsense something something blah blah… I need DVR. Wow, SNL. You’re totally owning the last sketch contest this season. Not that there’s really anyone to be in a last sketch contest with. Did Ben Affleck forget where the sausage pouch was?

Closing: That was fun times. Affleck gets pretty into character and is obviously willing to do whatever it takes to put on a good show. Hosts aren’t always willing to do impressions, so it’s nice to see. I still think Jon Hamm was better, though. Forte and Armisen sang. Did anybody see the awkward body language that surrounded the Cindy McCain/Tina Fey conversation? Poor , uncomfortable Cindy McCain.

And it’s cookie time.

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  1. November 2, 2008 8:17 am

    I think the funniest part of this SNL was McCain on Weekend Update. It looks like Mr. McCain may end up going into show business because he really did a good job and got laughs on the show. He seemed natural and at ease for the first time in months. Mr. Sad Grandpa’s next show may be his retirement roast..

  2. November 2, 2008 5:49 pm

    Oh my goodness I just watched the Keith Olbermann sketch on hulu and I just DIED. I DIED. Ben Affleck actually did a really good job with it, right down to the pursing of his cuteobnoxious little lips. Aaaahaahah.

    And Armisen as Richard Wolffe was amazing. AMAZING.

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