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Crazy Olyvil Election Day Coverage: The Early Evening Edition

November 4, 2008

So hopefully you’re all in line at the polls right now, if you haven’t voted already. I come to you live from Election Headquarters, aka my bedroom, where I am surrounded by pizza and chips and queso and other totally American goodies. And dirty laundry. I really need to straighten up the HQ if I am going to have my new technology and holograms installed for the night.

Not too many updates yet, though there are some results coming in any minute now. Indiana and Kentucky soon, folks!

I completely forgot that last night was the SNL Presidential Bash. I have watched some of the clips online, and of course, Sarah Palin and John McCain were hilarious. I’m not a big fan of Palin’s delivery, but I love anyone who is willing to poke fun at themselves, and it would be wrong of me to not love her a little bit for that, too. I just don’t want her to be VP. Okay?

Jason Sudeikis’ little Crazypants Joe Biden segment was hilarious. I only wish that the real Joe Biden had been a part of it. Barack hasn’t been on SNL for over a year. Palin and McCain have both been on twice now. Joe Biden? Not at all. And he’s certifiably the craziest! Amy Poehler was on, though it was obviously pretaped, particularly since she was so super pregnant.

CNN is about to unveil their new technology, and it’s going to be amazing in a way that only John King can do. HOLOGRAMS!

Celisse (6:18:37 PM): oh shit
Celisse (6:18:39 PM): ho shiot
Celisse (6:18:47 PM): HOLOGRAM!!!!!!!

That’s pretty bad ass, John King. Campbell Brown just doesn’t know what to do because she just can’t see the holograms. MSNBC AIN’T GOT NO HOLOGRAMS.

The first numbers are in with McCain leading in Kentucky, though that’s less than 1% of precincts reporting. Kentucky is super red, though, so no surprise here.

No real surprise here, either:

Indiana numbers have started coming in, and Obama is leading, but it doesn’t mean much yet.

I hear rumors that CBS is going to announce the winner at 8pm or something, so we’ll start blogging again around then.

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