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Crazy Olyvil Election Day Coverage: The Dinnertime Edition

November 5, 2008

Here we are, two minutes away from 8pm, and John McCain is winning the election so far. It’s why watching the numbers this early is bad news bears.

Celisse and I are fighting about CNN. In my opinion, CNN is awesome. In her opinion, it’s full of old and ugly smelly people.

So, I just put on CBS. It’s 8pm, and they have not informed me of who will be the next President. However, Katie Couric has an incredibly annoying voice.

The numbers also just got a little nicer to Obama and his fellow Obama KoolAid drinkers, as they just called eight states (8!!) for the Democrat. None of them unexpected, it’s just nice to see Obama with a predicted 77 votes versus McCain’s 34 over the 16 for McCain/3 for Obama we had seven minutes ago. CBS is giving something to Obama that CNN hasn’t given yet. I think it might be New Hampshire. Not entirely sure. They have also given something else to John McCain. Obviously, CBS is just all willy-nilly with its early predictions. CNN is much more dignified. And awesome. Celisse.

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