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Crazy Olyvil Election Day Coverage: The Sappy Edition

November 5, 2008

Well. Those who know me, and even most who don’t, know that when it comes to being sentimental, I am not all about that. With that said, though, MAN, OH MAN. I AM FREAKING OUT ABOUT THIS ELECTION.

Either outcome, I predict tears streaming from my ridiculous little face. I have, like 17 Firefox tabs open right now, MSNBC blaring on my TV, and — not gonna lie — I am totally jealous of Kim’s election HQ setup, and I’m considering running to the convenience store to stock up on my own snacks to fulfill me for the next, like, MASS AMOUNT OF CRAZY EMOTIONAL HOURS.

If you’ve been reading OlyVil here since the start, you know that this is technically an Olympics blog, although we started this ish after the games ended and naturally the most interesting thing to talk about after the Hotties was the election, and that’s kinda how, for me, this whole Crazy OlyVil Election Obsession began.

This isn’t my first election (Kerry 04 by absentee ballot, fools), but it’s the first election where I actually cared. I knew who I was going to vote for, even before the DNC and the RNC and before Sarah Palin ever penetrated the political stratosphere. I knew who I was voting for because I knew who I wasn’t voting for, and in that sense, I didn’t really care. I just knew I would vote, and be done with it.

But because of this ridiculous blog, and because of the need for me to provide content to my readers, I started actually paying attention to what has been going on. I may have been a little bit late to the party on this paricular circuit, but now that I’m here, I understand.

This was the first post on this blog where I mentioned the election, although I’d KINDA started covering it over at OnTheMic a little bit around the same time. After that, of course, was the first debate liveblog, of course, prefaced by saying: “I’ve never done this before. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never even WATCHED these before.”

Then, there was the VP Debate and the last debate and all of the articles, T.I., drama, comedy, SNL, Jay Z tickets, beer, and fodder in between. Somehow, in an effort to entertain our readers, I got caught in the clutches of this political windstorm. I started paying attention to the REASONS for voting the way I was voting, and it became less about me knowing who I wasn’t voting for as much as it was about me finding out why I was voting the way I did.

I voted today in my first, like, ACTUAL voting booth big line pen and paper, BUBBLE THOSE CIRCLES, election, and it was as crazy and fulfilling as I’d hoped. Waited in line for about an hour and a half, I got my sticker, but not my free Ice Cream, cos there ain’t a Ben & Jerry’s anyplace that I’m willing to drive to, unfortunately. But just being part of that, even on the tiniest level, actually meant something to me. Way more than it did to fill out an absentee ballot four years ago and pray that GWB would be out of office at the start of 2005. That didn’t go as planned, of course, but this year, I have hope.

Pretty corny, right?

Anyway, this has gone on far too long. Thank you to all of you who voted today, and stood in lines for many hours (or only a few minutes, you lucky jerks) during early voting. Thank you to all of you who read this ridiculous blog and entertain me with your comments as much as Kim and I hope to entertain you with our banter. Thank you to everyone who indirectly gave me a reason to actually care about this election, and the many elections that will follow in my life-time. Thank you to Barack Obama, who will forever own a piece of my heart, no matter what happens tomorrow.

And thank you, guy at the polling place, who gave me my very first I VOTED TODAY! sticker.


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