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Barack/America Hearts Vampires

November 11, 2008

I have not read the Twilight series. I have been told by many people that it is AWESOME. I have been told by many people that it made them feel stupider for having read it. But all around everyone seems to think it’s stupidly addictive (much like my love for the High School Musical films. …Cough).

Sorry, but I do think the Zef is awesome.

Anyways, the first time I saw a Harry Potter film (watched with my niece when she was a toddler), I thought, gee, what a precious thing for children. Then I got kind of hooked. Twilight hasn’t hooked me. Though I do love Cedric Diggory, so chances that I see the movie are 50/50 right now. Twilight has, however, hooked President-Elect Barack Obama. He apparently reads it with Malia, just like they did with the Harry Potter series. Precious.

The next big things.

The next big things.

Alexandra (11.10.08 | 6:23 PM)
hahaha makes me love obama even more!!! that would be so cool to see twilight in the freakin white house!!!

Sara( yeah theres maney of us) (11.10.08 | 7:11 PM)
LMAO! I was more for McCain, but thats because my dad was. But I truly do respect Obama now..

Addicted (11.10.08 | 7:51 PM)
Ofcourse I am not surprised. Twilight is just THAT GOOD!!!! Stephenie Meyer has a wonderful gift for story telling, so OFCOURSE the President of the USA would read it!!!! 😉

Cullen 4life (11.10.08 | 7:59 PM)
Wow if knew he was that cool, maybe I would have voted for him. What a great dad to read the books with his daughters! Wonder if Michelle is a Twi-MOM???

Mixing politics with international obsessions is fascinating business. It’s alright, Rahm Emanuel is probably obsessed with True Blood.

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