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Gobble it all up – A Colbert Christmas

November 12, 2008

Tonight I went to a screening of Stephen Colbert’s Christmas Special, something that apparently sprung up in Spring of 2007. While I cannot actually say anything about the Special itself, I can tell you a little bit about a one Mr. Stephen J. Colbert.*

Mr. Colbert was present for the screening, to answer our questions, give high fives and dance around stage speaking of Axe Body Spray and the such, and being the ever intrepid blogger that I am, I asked him a question.

I asked what it was like to be doing a live television show when the election results came in.

“It was really great. It was exciting. We knew [because of the results thus far] that CNN was going to call it at 11, and with five minutes left of the show, we just had to kill time. There’s actually a part where, if you’ve seen it, I start yelling, ‘Gobble it up. Gobble it all up!’ meaning that I was going to eat up all of the time we had left. But yeah, it was great.”

I tried to find video of this, but Comedy Central’s website is freaking out. Too many people trying to watch videos or something. However, you can watch the exciting moment where Jon Stewart calls the election for Barack Obama, and we sat there wondering if it was real.

Anyways, watch the Colbert Christmas Special. It airs on November 23 at 10pm EST. And while I can’t say anything about it, these links sure can.

*Ed Note: Middle name is actually Tyrone.

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