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The INSTANT Tim McGraw/Ludacris/T-Pain Review!

November 23, 2008

Cold Open – Fred really loves the Barney Frank. What do we folks think of the auto bailout? If they’re going to pass it, they had better add in some alternate fuel/energy stipulations. That’s all I can say. This is a horribly dry cold open. I’m not down with this. Particularly because Jason Sudeikis is just sitting there. I’m bored. Bill Hader just made this better. Because he makes life better. With his smooth Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil accent. Why did someone just shriek? No shrieking. A dude behind Sudeikis just nodded in agreement when he said “Lemon.” It was the best thing in this sketch. Seriously, this is so long and so awful, and just kill it. Kill it now. Say live from New York. Please. Somebody. Anybody. I don’t care. Okay, instead of killing the sketch, they made a gay joke. On the heels of all of the bizarre drama from last week that had Seth Meyers doing interviews with the Advocate. Oh good, it ended. This is a bad sign.

Monologue: Tim McGraw, you are so fantastic. I wish he wasn’t wearing a cowboy hat. However, this whole talking to hip-hop fans thing is delightful. Yay, Johnny Cash reference. Tim McGraw is going to sing, woo! He looks so happy. This is someone who is definitely comfortable as a performer, as cheesy as that may sound. Short monologue, but enjoyable.

Clear Rite – I am laughing, and I am not entirely sure why. Because it’s Kristen not being completely ridiculous. She can be funny, but she can totally be over the top half of the time. And here she doesn’t need to be. Michaela Watkins. It’s going to take me some time to get used to you. Okay, now I understand why Tim McGraw wears a cowboy hat all of the time. Or, the cowboy hat made his hair look like that. “Who are you talking to?” I am sadly in hysterics over this. Not really hysterics. But seriously.

Dateline – Bill Hader looks so damned creepy right now. Poor Sudeikis lost a leg. I’m guessing this was the “digital short” feature? Obvs not a Samberg one. Eh.

Turkeys – Okay, this is pointless. Mildly funny, but pointless. I don’t know what else to say. I wish this had been a sketch involving pardons or something. But it still probably wouldn’t have been funny.

James Bond – This could be funny. Why does Andy Samberg look so hot? I’m thrown off. Tim McGraw is decent at this whole cue card thing. Approve.

Ludacris featuing T-Pain “One More Drink” – I love Luda. And I find it hilarious that he felt the need to introduce himself and T-Pain. Hang on…. T-Pain can sing? What. the. hell. Thank you for introducing autotune to the mainstream when you can actually fucking sing, asshole. Ludacris is drinking. Topical. To the song.

Weekend Update – Nice line about Amy Poehler being on assignment. Sarah Palin is jus’ tellin’ her story. You betcha. Bill Clinton! I knew he was going to say something about Poehler. He always saved his best inappropriate comments for her. Congratulations, Michaela Watkins. You made it to SNL by doing an impersonation that the majority of the audience won’t get. It is funny, though.

Zell Miller! It’s been so long since they’ve done this. I always fear for Will Forte’s health in this impersonation. His forehead vein is so hot right now. He didn’t get too excited in this segment, oh well. And man, Seth Meyers misses Amy Poehler so damned much. It’s pretty precious.

Blizzard Man: Luda & T-Pain are good at the cue cards, too. Though we already knew that about Luda. Let it ride, Blizzard Man! I thoroughly enjoy Samberg’s rap song. FYI, since I deal with this all day every day, half of the publishing of a Ludacris song would be a lot. And he’s a BMI member now. He resigned from ASCAP. Psh. This is heaven, Ludacris. And the line about it being real street (ie. cul-de-sacs) is awesome. Oh no! Autotune! Damn. Make fun of that ish, SNL. I want to dance with Tim McGraw and Luda.

Jeff Montgomery – “You’re the turkey, turkey!” is not as great as “You’re the bitch, bitch.” Abby Elliott is flat out staring at the cue cards, and she has two lines. She’ll get better. I hope. Is this character going to appear every holiday episode? Dog eating is fascinating, in an awful, awful way.

Dale Britches Down Home Phony Phone Calls: This is curelt funny. But too long and far too boring. Amanda would like you all to know that Bill Hader sounds exactly like a character from the UCB Season 2. Now she is singing the Blizzard Man’s song. Robot voice, robot voice!

T-Pain featuring Ludacris “Chopped & Screwed” – TURN OFF THE AUTO TUNE. Man, I spent the first half of the episode being okay with T-Pain. I remember why I hated him now. This song is awful. Thank you, Luda, for coming in. Because I love you. I. Love. You.

Pizzeria Uno – This is a recurring sketch now? SNL, seriously, we don’t need to take everything that is close to funny and make it a recurring sketch. Abby Elliott is basically a glorified extra right now. This is funnier than the first time, for sure. But enough. Enough now.

Closing: SNL seems totally lost post election. This was better than I expected, but nothing too funny. Just a decent enough way to pass the time and have a few laughs. Nothing more, nothing less. And at least I can say that I taped it and watched it later as opposed to blowing off a Saturday night or something. Tim McGraw is happy. Ludacris is wearing T-Pain’s hat, and to be honest, I found this far more hilarious than anything else I saw in the episode. What!

See you in two weeks, when my favorite smooth operator, T.I. is the musical guest, and I pass out. Want Joe Biden, need Joe Biden indeed.

And don’t forget! 24: Resurrection TONIGHT. Oh, Jack Bauer, how we’ve missed you in our lives.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    November 25, 2008 7:05 pm

    i am happy my remarks made it on your post. what does curelt mean?

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