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I need to stop watching MSNBC

December 9, 2008

Jeez. I blog-hibernate for a couple weeks and WordPress decides to change their entire layout and freak me the eff out, right? THAT’S FRIGGEN COOL. Not really.

Anyway. I watched the saddest documentary I’ve ever seen in my entire life this afternoon, and, like most people, whenever I’m either horrified or miserable, I love to share so I don’t have to be MISERABLE ALONE.

A few weeks ago a friend told me about a film called Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father. For some reason I thought it was a theater release, and while waiting for it to appear in some small Miami theater, I forgot all about it. Until I saw ads for it on MSNBC, of course (you know, since that’s all I watch anymore between marathons of The West Wing and the occasional viewing of a new episode of Gossip Girl, when I can remember). I DVR’d it last night but didn’t watch until this afternoon, after my mother pestered me for hours because she caught it and was so enthralled and affected by the story it told.

The story is semi-complicated and I don’t really want to go into it, because I think you should see the film for yourself. It left me sobbing for — I am not kidding — what felt like an hour. Like, not rom-com “WHERE IS MY DREAM BOYFRIEND OMGGG” crying. Not even end-of-season-one-of-west-wing crying. No. This was legitimate, sitting in front of my tv, wiping my tears away with my sleeve, snot-face cry-face SOBBING. I had to go and hug my mom and hug my dogs and tell everyone I know how much I loved them, is how pathetic I am, really.

More important than the actual case that the film covered, it was so interesting to see this expansive group of friends and family all come together to preserve the legacy of this man, for the son he never got to meet. It makes you wonder what kind of legacy you’ll leave behind and how your life impacts the lives of those around you every second of every day.

With 2008 coming to a close, I feel more and more like 2009 is going to be, for me, “one of those pesky self-discovery years.” With things already on my mind about my relationships with people and how I’ve been leading my life especially over the past six months, this film just brought all of those feelings to the forefront. It’s important to think about.

According to IMDB, Dear Zachary is gonna be airing on MSNBC again next Sunday night (the 14th) at 9pm EST. Seriously, make sure you’re free. Clear out the DVR. Make time with some popcorn and a huge box of tissues. Bring a friend whose shoulder you can cry on for a bit. You’ll need all of it.

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