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January 19, 2009

And that historical occasion, is, in fact, post number 100 here on Aspirations of Olyvil. HOLY CRAP. I KNOW. I’ve contributed, like, 11 of them. Awesome.

Anyway, to celebrate this momentous occasion AND also that whole little Obama Inauguration thing happening tomorrow (!!!!!), I present you with a gift. The New York Times Magazine published a  gallery called “Obama’s People.”

From the magazine:

In December and early January, the photographer Nadav Kander shot 52 portraits of Barack Obama’s top advisers, aides and members of his incoming administration. Kander and the Times Magazine’s director of photography, Kathy Ryan, discuss putting those portrait sessions together and what happened behind the scenes.

Some of my favorite portraits from the collection include Rahm Emanuel (of course), Reggie Love, Eugene Kang, Joe Biden and his white white teeth, Jon Favreau, and David Axelrod. I have to admit, while flipping through the photos, in my head I compared each person to their West Wing counterpart, because I’m insane.

Here’s the link, check it out NOW: Times Magazine, Obama’s People.

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