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Crazy OlyVil Inauguration Coverage: The YouTube Edition

January 20, 2009

Before I begin this post, I should mention that, as I’m sure you’re all aware, Senator Ted Kennedy was taken out of the Luncheon today at the Capitol, on a gurney, after having what’s reported to be a seizure. As of now, he’s said to be recovering well and is awake and answering questions. (link)

I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he’s okay!

Anyhow, in case you missed the ceremony this morning, here are some of the key moments:

Check out Aretha’s cute lil Church Hat, man.

President Obama taking the oath of office. I made the mistake of blogging earlier that the President had stumbled over his words, but upon further review, it seems as though he didn’t so much stumble over them, as much as he waited a moment for Chief Justice John Roberts to correct himself after he accidentally reversed one of the phrases.

Parts 1 and 2 of the President’s Inaugural Address. What are your thoughts on the speech? I must admit I wasn’t as moved as I thought I’d be. It was a good speech, but it was typical Obama, I thought. I DONT KNOW MAYBE I’M CRAZY.

The wonderful benediction given by Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery. He was great. Loved the OLD MAN VOICE and the bit at the end.

Alright, guys. I think I’m pretty much done here for now. The parade is FINALLY about to begin so I’m gonna sit back and enjoy. Have a great evening!

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