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Inaugural Thoughts

January 22, 2009

I am back from DC! I made it in one exhausted, wind burned piece.

So as I watch the “We are One” concert, which I so thoughtfully DVRed at home, I figured I’d bring you a few of my inauguration thoughts. The concert might have been my favorite moment. It’s safe to say that I will never see the likes of Bruce Springsteen, U2, Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder, etc perform live. So it was great to do that. Yeah, they were the size of my pinky nail or something, but hell, that’s lawn seats at a pavillion if I ever did see them.

Shockingly: It seemed like very few people lined up to be there for the gates to open. I understand not wanting to be around for that long in the cold, but suck it up and layer, and you’ll get a better spot. You’ll get on the train easier. Etc. On Tuesday, I couldn’t believe how many people had been around to park their car at the Metro station at 3:30am — only to be waiting in line at 4:30am to get their Metro tickets. Pre-purchase that shiz, yo!

“We are One” Concert Practice: There was a small soundcheck earlier in the day, including Tiger Woods’s speech, the introduction of Jack Black and Rosario Dawson (yet not them?), Tom Hanks’s tribute to Lincoln, and the Star Spangled Banner. They were doing really bizarre things with starting the music, and it seemed like trouble. He even said, “I can’t sing it if I can’t hear the music…” Then during the broadcast, they messed it up again. I felt so bad. So. bad.

During the Concert: I noticed that they called her “Mrs. Jill Biden” instead of Dr. Jill Biden. Now that I’m watching on TV, I can see Vice President (yes!) Biden saying something to her. Think he’s saying, “I’ll fire the person who called you Mrs!!!!” with lots of exclamation points cause Joe likes to yell. Get out of his special Christmas place, Sarah Palin.


We were pretty close. The majority of the stuff in front of us was VIP or special people or something.

Most Random Person There: We took a vote, and our decision was Steve Carell. Kal Penn was in close second. But apparently, he’s super beloved by the Obamas. I read an article in the Houston Chronicle that mentioned Malia snapping pictures and Sasha freaking out, but it’s apparently disappeared off of their website already. Sigh. Just believe me, the Obamas heart Kal Penn. And so do I.

Most Random Person There That Maruschka Found Attractive: And I quote. “He’s kind of…. cute.” Yes, ladies and gents. Young Abe Lincoln with his “side part” (seriously still quoting), can now be added to the list of hot Presidents. Maybe yours. Not really mine.

Worst Outfit Choice?: Mary J. Blige. Okay, not a bad outfit, but please don’t wear something that will cause you to blend in with your surroundings when you’re performing for 500,000 people. Thanks!

Something I Never Thought I’d Say: Garth Brooks was perhaps my favorite performer of the day. I’m serious. He made us all dance. Dude’s a showman, and it worked. And I kind of loved him walking over to President Obama and taking off his cowboy hat.

Signs that I am an Idiot: My roommate and I added “That’s what he said,” after the quotes that Steve Carell recited. I laughed.

Most Ridiculous Part: Everytime they told someone to stand up. Um, we’re all standing, idiots.

Songs That I Do Not Want to Hear Again for a Really Long Time Because They Played Them on a Loop Along the Inaugural Parade Route: Bruce Springsteen – “The Rising,” U2 – “City of Blinding Light,” Rascal Flatts – “Life is a Highway,” John Mellencamp – “R.O.C.K. in the USA,” Stevie Wonder – “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours.”

The parade. Oh, the parade. Let’s say this first and foremost, standing pretty much down the street from inauguration in a crowd of a million or so people while listening to inauguration over speakers gave me chills. I teared up at one point, and yea, I’m a sappy crybaby, but it was a really beautiful moment that thew me back into the era of radio or something. We did Obama is President (!) dances, and it was great. It was just great. What wasn’t great? I saw Barack and Michelle walking down the street. Sort of. I saw a guy that I thought was Barack, and later it was confirmed because I saw him wearing a red scarf, and a woman that I knew was Michelle, and then, literally a half a block away, they got back in the car. After freezing for six hours, and after being told the parade was starting in two minutes when it really was another over an hour, and then seeing them about face when they were SO CLOSE. It was disappointing. It was like the time that I went to the Yankees/Tigers play-off game in 2006 and it was called due to rain. Except it wasn’t raining. And we sat there in the cold for two hours only to have people start receiving phone calls — because they announced it was called on TV before they said anything at the stadium. Everyone at home knew Ted Kennedy collapsed. The parade route folk, who had been outside since 4am in some cases (5am in our case), just had to stand there in frozen anticipation to see (and I unfortunately am the only one in our group who really saw the Obamas that day) them get back in a car. Oh, security threats.

Once in the car, we could only see Michelle and Sasha from our side. And that’s okay, really, because Sasha was so darned precious with her little orange glove.

And also, I saw Keith Olbermann. He was much thicker than I would have thought. It’s hard to explain. And he wasn’t wearing make-up, because it was like 5:30am, so it was just weird. People yelled “Keith! Keith!” and he waved and walked and waved and walked. It was like being at the inaugural Olbermann parade. So good.

Beyond that, did anyone else watch the Kids are the Future Ball on Disney? Corbin Bleu was kind of dissed by the Obama girls, but Michelle Obama was more than willing to shake his hand. Ha! [Cut to the 3:00 mark in the video.] Sasha trying to booty bump with Malia — Barack was doing it at the inaugural balls, too. Those Obamas sure are booty bumpers. Watching the Obama girls and Biden grandkids dancing to the Jonas Brothers. It’s just all so precious. When’s the last time we had a precious first family? The next four years should be a lot of fun. And hopefully the country gets saved in between.

Man, I wish I had been at the Disney concert.

By the by, let’s all expound on the fact that Beyonce was showing the world the entirety of her nipples last night at the balls. I mean, seriously?


Her performance was great, sure. As was watching her that close to tears and still being able to maintain. But all I saw was nipple. Nipple, nipple, nipple. Come on, Beyonce.

Pictures and such to come at a later date. And hey, maybe tomorrow I’ll post an uber delayed SNL live blog. Huzzah!

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  1. Mischele permalink
    January 22, 2009 11:37 am

    Beyonce’s dress was very inappropriate for the occasion. I thought I was the only one who noticed. Oh my God, I can’t believe that she actually looked in the mirror and came out and sang/performed in that dress and for the President of the United States! How tacky. She is an exhibitionist and in my opinion takes old movie scenes and pictures from other past actresses and tries to re-create their craft. She tried to be Diana Ross in Dream Girls and now she is trying to be Marilyn Monroe. She was exposing her full breast and nipples! Embarrassing!


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