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Inaugural Tidbits

January 22, 2009

Some odds and ends that I didn’t know where else to put.

Rockets forward Shane Battier, listening to President Obama’s inaugural address on his way in to practice on Tuesday, said he was so moved, he had to pull over to gather himself.

“It gave me chills,” Battier said. “It was mind-blowing. It was one of those times I’ll always remember. Obviously, there are a lot of story lines surrounding the inauguration but for a man of mixed descent to assume the office of the presidency, words don’t really do it justice. To know all this country’s been through in terms of the civil rights movement to where the office, the highest office in the land, is truly open to everybody is truly special. All kids can look at it and know everything is open to them.

“I was also moved by what was said, the actual speech. So much of it is often fluff. It’s a long time since we’ve gotten straight talk about the road that faces us, faces our economy, the challenges that face our
national security. I thought it was a very real speech and at the same time a very inspiring speech.”

Obama Girls Get Face Time With Jonas Boys

No doubt Sasha and Malia Obama had a ball of their own last night…especially since the Jonas Brothers were involved!

At ages 7 and 10, respectively, the new first daughters were a little too young to appreciate the 10 formal inaugural balls, so White House staffers treated the girls and some of their new school friends to a double feature of new Disney flicks Bolt and High School Musical 3, according to ABC News.

Afterward, they were taken on a late-night scavenger hunt around their new digs, much like Chelsea Clinton did at the dawn of her dad’s administration. Upon completion, the biggest surprise of the night waited behind closed doors.

The tweens had a dream-come-true moment when they opened the doors and found pop stars Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas waiting for them.

The JoBros and Obama girls first met backstage at The Ellen DeGeneres Show this fall and saw each other again Monday night at the Kids’ Inaugural concert.

Chief Justice John Roberts has administered the presidential oath of office to Barack Obama for a second time, just to be on the safe side.

The unusual step came after Roberts flubbed the oath a bit on Tuesday, causing Obama to repeat the wording differently than as prescribed in the Constitution.

White House counsel Greg Craig said Obama took the oath from Roberts again out of an “abundance of caution.”

The chief justice and the president handled the matter privately in the Map Room on Wednesday night.

And of course… Joe Biden had to comment on someone else’s gaffe: “My memory is not as good as Justice Roberts’,” he joked during a swearing-in ceremony of senior White House staff on Wednesday, drawing laughter and mock boos from the audience.


Joe Biden wants to make one thing clear: He can’t dance.

Biden joked about his two left feet at multiple balls Tuesday night.

“The thing that frightens me the most (is) I’m going to have to stand in that circle and dance in a minute,” he said at the Commander in chief Ball. At that, he laughed and did a quick sign of the cross.

At the Western Ball, he said, “Now you are going to see I can’t dance.” And at the Neighborhood Ball, he joked about killing time to avoid dancing.

“The last thing you need is to have a vice president sandwiched between a brand new president and all his star power up there. I learned a long time ago when to hush up. If you turn around and look at that screen, they’ve got me down to 22 seconds. The reason I want to keep talking is because I can’t dance,” he said.

But dance he did, stiffly, with wife Jill to “Have I Told You Lately.”

“I may not be able to dance, but i sure like holding her,” he said.

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