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Oh, Michael. Up to your Antics again

February 1, 2009

Gonna try to keep this short.

HuffPo and News of the World are both reporting that during a trip to University of South Carolina last November American Olympic Sweetheart Michael Phelps was caught on camera while suckin’ on a big fat bong. OH LOL. I LOL SO HARD.

News of the World has posted the photo, and here it is: -- Michael Phelps toking up during a recent trip to visit a SECRET GIRLFRIEND????

Credit: -- Michael Phelps toking up during a trip to visit a SECRET GIRLFRIEND????

Oh, Michael. You know what? He’s 24 years old and he’s already an Olympic Sporting legend. LEGEND. I’m 24 years old and I don’t even have a job (please hire me). We’ve all heard stories about his Vegas (and Not-Vegas) adventures, and we all knew that it was going to be hard for him to live up to the gigantic metaphoric pedastal the media put him on. If he wants to be a slut, hey, go for it. If he wants to have a little illicit fun, I don’t particularly give a crap. But why OH WHY would he be so silly as to let anyone photograph him partaking in ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES?

Boyfran can swim up a storm, apparently, but keeping a low profile is not his forte. I don’t even let people take photos of me after a few drinks. SO, YOU KNOW, WHATEVER.

Anyway, despite claims of being offered “extraordinary incentives” not to post the photo, News of the World went for the media gold. No word on what this means for Milky’s career in terms of the 2012 Olympic games, but if I hear anything through the grapevine, I’ll let y’all know (probably, like, 2 months after the fact but hey).

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