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The Sorry, I was Busy Steve Martin/Jason Mraz Review

February 1, 2009

Hello, hello.

I went to a birthday party last night, and as a result, arrived home far too late for any watching and/or typing. But since the Superbowl is in a few hours, and since I never deprive a Google reader, I figured i’d do it now!

I love Steve Martin. Like, way too much. I’m pretty sure that I will find anything that he does funny. Even if it’s not. He was the best part of Baby Mama, and his episode of 30 Rock was great. So! Here’s hoping this his 44,041 time hosting SNL is his best. Okay, it won’t beat King Tut or any of the other classics, but still.

Jason Mraz? Never really had any opinion of him. I did like “The Remedy” back in the day. Then I stopped paying attention.

Cold Open: Whee! Barack Obama is President! This hasn’t gotten old yet. Apparently the crowd doesn’t think so either. I do enjoy the Lincoln head behind Barack. Aretha’s hat! As soon as they mentioned Oprah, I knew they were going to mention the white guy she was crying on. Hee. Yes, Barack, distract before you pull us in. I’l take the Nolan Ryan poster. Wow, George W. Bush has some fascinating handwriting then. Did Fred’s Barack impression get worse? It seems like it got much worse. BIDEN ALERT! YES! Wow, I love Joe Biden. I have no doubt in my mind he would do that. And I have no doubt in my mind that Obama slightly regrets picking the awesome Biden. Eh, decent cold open. Short enough. Had some good points.

Monologue: Steve Martin is wearing brown shoes. They really stand out there. And he’s already being weird and hammy in a way that other people might hate, but I love it, damnit. “How I make love is none of your business.” He just went on a weird segue from his closet organizer to Barack Obama. And then he jumped to the audience. I know he’s doing a condensed version of stand-up, but it’s still pretty choppy.

Chewable Pampers: What a cute baby. There is pretty much nothing more disgusting than a Spicy Lentil edible diaper. Nice insert of Sudeikis. He’s two for two now!

MacGruber: Oh no. It’s a MacGruber night. Whoa, it’s MacGruber featuring MacGuyver! Why didn’t the audience cheer for that? Oh, product placement blew them up. Hee.

Oh, it’s my favorite creeper. Hamburgers and hot feet! Tasty wordplay! So is the creeper from Pittsburgh? Because they’re all Stillers fans apparently. Steve Martin is wearing a piano tie. And I’m bored with this right now. Oh wait, there are Cardinals fans in the back. Ha! “Excuse me sir, is your face taken?” I want to ask Jesus, what’s your deal? They have some interesting Ecstasy filled dreams. I want to ride in a salami helicopter.

Digital Short: A new laser cats!! Executive Producer Steve Martin. Hee. One day I hope to stumble upon them filming Laser Cats in Central Park. Cat-astrophe! Cock your cats! Haha, seeing the cameraman in the mirror is awesome. Wow, Andy is like Luke Skywalker and Bill is like Han Solo. And oh wow, Kenan morphed into Steve Martin. And omg, Bill is actually more like Princess Leia! “Do you get that it’s King Lear?” Oh, laser cats, I love you.

Issues: Clarence Durnagen, help me with my issues. Yea, it was patently obvious that her issue wasn’t going to be about her acne. Man, Steve Martin has some serious moobs. He really needs some support. It’s a good thing that he didn’t finish getting his Social Work degree, I guess.

MacGruber: More Pepsi ads in MacGruber. And more MacGuyver! Refresh everything, guys. PEPSUBER. The MacGruber’s have slowly been getting better. The last two times they’ve been used have been bearable. It’s kind of bizarre, as more often than not, SNL drives a sketch into the ground instead of the other way around.

Bernie Madoff: A Madoff Superbowl party? I’m not really paying attention to this. But yeah, the thought of him trying to get people to come over and use them again is a funny one. Oh dear, he’s trying to call Elie Wiesel. Like, this Elie Wiesel. Wow, that’s awful. In December 2008, the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity issued a press release on their website stating that nearly all of the foundation’s assets (approximately $15.2 million USD) have been lost through Bernard Madoff’s investment firm. I don’t like egg salad or Bernie Madoff. Good thing they seemingly go together.

Backstage: This is the best kind of Steve Martin. I love it. Comedy = time + precision – hope / puns + wigs. Aw, Casey Wilson loves Steve Martin. And he grabbed Kristen Wiig’s boobs and made a funny joke about SAG Awards. Everybody loves Steve Martin. Abby Elliott has a nice voice. And weirdly, I think she could pass for Beyonce in a sketch sometime now that Maya’s gone. Ha, Steve Martin orgy. I didn’t know he was married. IMDB implies that he is married to a writer for the New Yorker. I have a random New York subscription. I don’t know where it came from. I just randomly started getting it. Free. Which is fantastic, especially because it’s losing all of its ad sales and will probably fold soon.

MacGruber: PEPSIPEPSIPEPSI. Aw, Diet Coke blew them up this time.

Jason Mraz – “I’m Yours”: This is the most mellow song in existence. When did Jason Mraz become Jack Johnson? Let’s all go to Jason Mraz Island, it seems cozy. Although, he moves his mouth all crazylike and has some serious bags under his eyes. Maybe it’s not that cozy as it seems on the surface.

We interrupt this mellow song with the news that Michael Phelps has alledgedly been caught taking bong hits. Oh, Michael, don’t you know better than to let people take your picture? Sigh. The article is hilarious, though. “Huge smelly bong rip” indeed. There’s no way his Olympic career is done because of this, as gawker indicates. Hey wait, Michael Phelps has something to say about this already. He regrets the “bad judgement.

Weekend Update: Let’s do this, Seth! BLAGOJEVICH is done! Man, this is pretty weak so far. Sudekis and his Blagojevich hair. I love it. Stop jogging with your goodbye letter. I like Tony Bennett, too, Blagojevich.
I was gonna say bitches.

Aw! A Hootie joke! Oh wow, Abby Elliott as Angelina Jolie. It works. She’s going to be really good for the show, I think.

Here’s the veggie porn PETA ad:

Yes! Fred is back as Paterson! And Paterson deserves it, after appointing Kirsten Gillibrand. He’s like a smarter version of Forrest Gump. I’ve never really disliked a Governor of a state that I’ve lived it, but man do I dislike Paterson. I love Seth Meyers’s trying hard to look like he doesn’t want to laugh face. It makes me happy.


Makeup Counter: Casey Wilson needed some new make-up for her Dunkin Donuts interview? Okay? “Hi, woman!” What does the woman think? I have no opinion on facebrushes, either, Thomas. Losing your job makes you grab dead birds? That’s scary.

Steve Martin – “Late for School”: OMG! He’s going to sing and play banjo! Hooray! It’s kind of weird for Steve Martin to be singing about school now. I just realized that Bobby Moynihan and Darrell Hammond haven’t been in this episode at all. Okay, I am sadly not really down with the song. Though it is something different.

ESPN Classic: Oh, there’s Darrell and Bobby. I like their old timey football player nicknames. And the angry face pictures. Hee, Will Forte’s Commissioner photograph. Uh-oh, the incident. Andy as the youngin football player, awww. Okay, that one was good. And well thought out.

Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat – “Lucky”: It must be cool to get to perform on SNL even when you’re not that musical guest. Is she wearing a dress or a skirt? I do not like the top part very much. They’re singing about Jason Mraz Island.

Closing: What’s with Jason Mraz’s mug? And what is he looking for? Aw, Steve Martin fistbumped him and feigned pain. It was okay. That’s about all I can say. Steve Martin was best when he was playing himself. I enjoyed the ESPN Classic sketch the most, I think. Weekend Update wasn’t that strong. Whatevs. Bradley Cooper and TV on the Radio next!

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