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Katie Couric <3’s Lil Wayne

February 5, 2009

Okay, last post from me today I PROMISE.

Last night, Katie Couric interviewed Lil Wayne as part of her ALL ACCESS Grammy Special, and let me tell you, Miss Katie loves her some Weezy. They went bowling. They talked about music as journalism. They talked about his sparkly teeth. They covered ALL the bases, man. Even talked about Weezy’s addiction to Syzzurp (I actually had to consult the google to get the spelling on that. No joke). Got some highlights for you:

ScurvyWill: I love that he lists money and women as things that he covers in his role as “journalist”
ScurvyWill: here is the latest on money: I spend it all of the time on things

My favorite part was when Katie asked about his real name and he kinda did a friendly half-laugh half eye-roll thing, as if to say “OH MISS KATIE YOU’RE SO SILLY.”

Oh, that Lil Wayne. That charming, charming man. The full interview is here so check it out for the roffles.

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