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Your daily dose of WHIMSY: Newmindspace.

February 14, 2009

Newmindspace isn’t particularly unheard of. If you live in New York or Toronto, I’m sure you’ve seen or at least heard mention of their art installations and massive mob events like pillow fights and bubble battles in the downtown areas.

I was inspired last spring and wanted to plan a giant Ft. Lauderdale Capture the Flag match last spring but things kinda fell through, and South Florida isn’t as social as other parts of North America, let me tell you. I had forgotten all about the plan, and about Newmindspace until tonight when someone mentioned a Giant Pillow Fight going on in SF soon, and I wanted to check up on any new events that Newmindspace had been up to.

Out of all the recent events they’ve done since the last time I checked their site, this one is by far my favorite: Night Lights: Toronto.

They got a bunch of volunteers together on a cold night last November, and filled up lots of giant helium balloons, attached to a several hundred foot-long string carrying hundreds of LED lights, in an effort to take the light string higher than the CN tower.

Things like this just make me want to move faaaar away from Miami and get away from this swampy self-involved wonderland. SIGH.

Anyway, if you’re in New York or Toronto, I encourage you to keep tabs on any new events that Newmindspace is organizing. Their annual Pillow Fights are coming up within the next couple months: March 21 in TO, and April 4 in NYC.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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