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Your Daily White House Update

February 27, 2009

I don’t normally condone the at work blogging (though I apparently do condone the at work reading gossip and checking sports scores and such), but it’s the end of the distribution quarter and I have actually come close to running out of things to do.

So instead I present to you Michelle Obama’s official White House portrait.


It’s official: She is the most exquisite person ever. And I must start working out my arms immediately. Aside from the misplaced flower, I love it. I also love the hairdo she’s sporting on the cover of People. And I hate the verb “sporting.” Remind me never to use it again.

In Joe Biden news, because I’m threatening to turn this into an all Joe Biden all the time blog, he’s promising to be a “pain in the neck” while overseeing the stimulus spending. Now, I slipped on a patch of ice once in college and threw a few vertebrae in my neck out of joint and now I get neck pain every so often, and I can tell you, neck pain is awful. Joe Biden as a pain in the neck? Not awful. Amazing. I want more.

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