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Why Twitter Just Might Be Awesome

March 22, 2009

I was a little late to the Twitter game. I’d been told about it many, many times, but didn’t feel the need. I figured that I would keep my status updates to Facebook, thank you very much. Over time, though, I’d been asked more and more if I was on twitter, and after reading Will Leitch’s piece in New York Magazine, I bit the bullet and started an account.

After three or four days, I decided I hated it. The people I was following, Shaq, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, etc.? Not that interesting. Rainn Wilson? Not as funny as I’d like him to be. Michael Ian Black? Exactly as funny as I’d want him to be.

But then things started happening. I realized, that in the cheesy celebrity obsessed culture we live in, I was able to learn valuable lessons. Jimmy Eat World likes to update the scores they’re getting while playing their own songs on Rock Band. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s tweets helped me to converse with my aunt about “The Shack” the other day. I’d never heard about it. But thanks to their religious tweeting the other day, I was informed. Fictional TV characters like to leave me messages.

No, really.


[Side note: You have to read them bottom to top. My message is at the bottom. Tim Riggins’ response is above that.]

There’s nothing quite like logging into your Twitter account one day and seeing a fictional TV show make a referential response to you. Does this mean that someone is paid (or an unpaid intern perhaps?) to search for “Tim Riggins” on twitter and then respond to anyone that writes about them? Clever.

But let’s get back to the actual people. Here’s a recent couple of tweets by Shaquille O’Neal:


Typos, product placement, and a youtube video!

And if you're wondering, he cheated on his diet.

And if you're wondering, he cheated on his diet.

Fortunately, we all get to be informed that he is eating his pregame salads. So, don’t be all worried about Shaq’s diet, guys!

And then there’s the poster children of Twitter, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. They spend their entire lives sending twitter messages to everyone they can. They argue religion, they let us know when they’re on the way to the airport, when they’re having heart to hearts with their children, and it goes on and on. They want everyone to know everything about them. Including pictures that I would probably prefer to be private.


Yes, everyone, that is Demi Moore bending over in a bikini. Or, so we’re told.



And who is that tweeting on my list in between AplusK and MrsKutcher? None other than Lil Jon, quite possibly my favorite of the celebrity Twitterers. And pretty soon, he’ll be our fave coblogger Celisse’s BFF.


Twitter, uniting random celebrities with new best friends all over the world. Unfortunately, my twitter BFF isn’t even real. Sigh.

Twitter only works for those willing to let everyone into their world (or those who limit it to private), because unless you’re witty or clever or a fan of those celebrities, nobody is going to care that you are walking down the street or stuck in traffic. And that’s possibly why I’m a failure at the Twitterverse. I’m just not that interesting. Nor do I want to put the time into trying to be that interesting in 140 characters or less. But I’ll continue to read. And laugh. And occasionally post pictures of my grandfather.

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