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This Week in Life and Internets…

April 28, 2009

Hi, guys. It’s Monday, which as you all know, is the day that I recap the past week in my life and the internet. You probably don’t know that, because I just made it up, and I totally make no promise that this feature will continue. YOU KNOW, JUST A DISCLAIMER AND ALL. Onward, Blitzen!


Let’s start off with the horrible and work up from there: Early Saturday morning, Bea Arthur passed away peacefully in her sleep after battling cancer for some time. She was 86.

My heart shattered. She is best known to me and thousands of other ladies and gays my age as Dorothy Zbornak on The Golden Girls. I have watched that show religiously since I was a toddler. I used to watch it with my abuelita  before she passed, and then with my Mom. We still watch it together on Hallmark channel, considering it’s on, like, TWELVE TIMES A DAY. Glorious.

credit: <a href=

Rest in Peace, Bea. You will be missed. IF BETTY WHITE GOES NEXT, I’M GONNA END IT ALL, MAN. I CAN’T HANDLE IT.


In much lighter (or rather, pudgier) news, what on earth is Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick hiding under all those sharp suits and scarves and bow ties?

credit: <a href=

Ummm, a big ole winnie the pooh bellie and some silly-assed tattoos, apparently. Okay, I admit this news is kinda old, but I only just saw these pictures of Ed and Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) and I think they’re hilarious! Ed Westwick is still a cutie with his hairy hairy belly, and I like that he’s still sportin’ THE V under a tiny bit of winter pudge. Work it, Chuck! They vacationed towards the end of March in my beautiful city of Miami, where these photos were snapped.

Can we talk about the CUFFED PANTS? There is just too much hilarity in this one photo. Oh God. I can’t contain it.


I’ve kept this under a slightly tight lid, because it’s pretty embarrassing, but I’ve developed a weird and spontaneous addiction to ABC’s Daytime landmark, General Hospital. Hooooly guac, don’t even ask me how that happened. Months of unemployment messes with a girl’s head, okay? But on last Monday’s episode, I noticed something strange about the nanny taking care of Patrick and Robin’s baby girl:



The lovely lady on the left is none other than Chrissie Fit, one of my highschool classmates. HOW RANDOM IS THAT. I haven’t kept track of her since high school (or really even during high school, to be perfectly honest), so it was a surprise, to say the least. GIRLIE MOVIN’ ON UP, or something. Anyway, she gets to hang out with that hottie who plays Patrick Drake, so lucky her.

But, does she have a pillow with Damien Spinelli’s face on it?

I think not.

I think not.

So, really, who comes out on top for this one? Pretty sure it’s me. (At least, that’s what I’m gonna keep telling myself, anyway…)

Also, I love how I have to use the characters’ names since I don’t know any of the actors’ names. SIGH.


Guys, watch out! It’s SWINE FLU season, and the internet’s abuzz with paranoia. According to the NYT:

While confirmed cases of swine flu increased only slightly on Monday, the World Health Organization voted to raise its global pandemic flu alert level, but at the same time it recommended that borders not be closed nor travel bans imposed.

The article goes on to say that despite paranoid cries of THE END IS NIGH coming from worrywarts everywhere, a pandemic is NOT inevitable, thankfully. It also confirms and re-confirms and re-re-re-confirms that thus far, the only deaths reported have been in Mexico, where swine flu has reportedly taken 149 lives thus far. In all other areas where it’s been reported, it seems to be under control.

So with that said, I’m throwing out any imminent pandemic alerts, and am instead declaring Swine Flu an OLD MEME. Por ejemplo:





All of these examples are from the past weekend. Three of them are from TODAY ALONE. Goodness gracious. But perhaps the best mention of Swine Flu thus far (or at least for today, anyway) came from Kia Matthews:


Bad joke or not, it made me rofl. I’m also considering it a personal shout out to Kimberly, even though Kia has no idea who I am, so she most likely has no idea who Kim is either. OH WELL. Her blog is hilarious, definitely check it out. But enough gushing, I HEREBY DECLARE SWINE FLU AS OLD MEME. LET’S STOP TALKING ABOUT IT NOW. THANKS. Or you’re gonna get goatse’d. Consider yourself warned.


Some personal excitement:

  1. I finally got my driver’s license reinstated, FINALLY. So I’m back to being a legal driver in the state of Florida. This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s freakin’ phenomenal, let me tell you. Just trust me on it.
  2. Theres a space shuttle launch next month! I’m almost positive that I’m making the trek up to Cape Canaveral to see it. I’m ridiculously excited, but if past examples of my exciting plans are any indicator, I shouldn’t get my hopes up. BUH.
  3. Lastly, some doofus left a rather angry comment on my old post about the Sexy Sexy Rahm Emanuel from LAST NOVEMBER. Clearly, when someone calls you a slave to obama, the mature response is the following:



OKAY I’M DONE HERE. Have a great night, internet.

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