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The SNL Season Finale Review (Will Ferrell/Green Day)

May 17, 2009

As I watch my Houston Rockets season come to an end, I begin this liveblog. And by liveblog, I clearly mean, DVR live. It won’t be very happy, because the Rockets are about to lose and it’s the season finale, so it’s the last chance we’ll get. It seems as if the Rockets have just rolled over and died with 7 minutes left in the game, but I can’t really be sad about it. They gave it their all throughout this series, and the big dudes on the Lakers finally remembered how to play. Without a center and with Gasol and Bynum actually remembering that they’re really much taller than 98% of the Rockets line-up, they had no chance. But it was a nice little season.

Ill miss your face, Shane Battier.

I'll miss your face, Shane Battier.

Anyways, it’s a season finale and Will Ferrell is hosting, so I’m expecting callbacks, guest stars galore and a George W. Bush impression. Unfortunately his next movie is Land of the Lost, which despite Danny McBride and Anna Friel looks like a big ball of suck. Green Day is the biggest thing since sliced bread right now with about 293 sold out shows in New York City coming up. And the new album is good stuff. Or so I hear.

Also, if you’re waiting for it, the Justin Timberlake blogorama will come eventually. I am not sure when. I haven’t even watched the episode, but it sure is saved.

Cold Open: Abby Elliott has the first line in an episode. Strange. And wow, the George W impression happened so much sooner than I thought it would. Darrell Hammond creeps me out so much as Dick Cheney. History takes forever. Colin Powell saved Dick Cheney’s life! If only that were true. The unfortunate “death.” I am a little sad they didn’t let Ferrell do the “live from New York” line. Oh wells. Maybe this actually ends up being Darrell’s last season, and if so, I guess it’s appropriate.

Monologue: I like the scarf, Will. How is it going to be worked into the monologue? Ferrell was nominated for a Tony? I actually didn’t know that. Hey, guitar player Jared Scharff finally stopped wearing sunglasses back there. Oh, the scarf is because he’s being all theatre nerd. And kind of acting like James Lipton.

It is important to note that I took a 3.5 hour break before coming back to watch the episode. Watched a few episodes of Lie to Me, which I’m mildly obsessed with. The Brendan Hines is playing in Brooklyn soon, apparently, should I go see the wonderful Loker?

So I’m back in it, and the monologue inside of a monologue is pretty brilliant. It’s true absurdist comedy, and it works if you’re open to that sort of thing. Boy am I.

Wade Blasingame Esq: Wade Blasingame was a baseball player. It’s true. Chris Parnell in a speedo! This is already my favorite episode of SNL ever. And aw, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Tracy Morgan, Horatio Sanz! I did a little research, and this is from April 2005. If that’s the case, I hope they bring back Cookie Dough Sport.

Lawrence Welk Show: I know that everyone was really into this the first time it aired, but creepy baby handed Kristen Wiig.. I don’t enjoy it. Do we think that most comedians can sing well because of their impersonation skills? Will holding her baby hand is amusing. I give it that much. Squirrels and mustard in my bed. Yum.

I figured you might appreciate seeing what the Lawrence Welk Show was really like. Enjoy.

Jeopardy: YES! I watched a bit of the fourth hour of the Today Show on a plane last week, and man, Kristen’s Kathie Lee Gifford is sort of on, but dude, they give Hoda Kotb far too much credit. The ladies are equally crazy and need to disappear. Tom Hanks! Yay! Tom Hanks doesn’t understand puns. Or movies. Sean Connery with his negative dirty money amount. Chardonnay in a sandwich bag. Brilliant.

“Oh, I’m sorry, what is South Hampshire?” Thank you, Tom Hanks. That was a gem. Catch the Semen reminds me of the “I’ll take swords for $20.” “It’s ‘S’ Words and there is no $20 amount, you idiot.” And these semen jokes are a little raunchy. I guess there are no semen jokes that couldn’t be raunchy. Poor Tom Hanks and the pickle jar. Wow, remember when Tom Hanks always did comedy and it was awesome? Burt Reynolds! Sweet! That’s the only character I really enjoyed Norm MacDonald doing. I wager that I’ll be passed out in an hour as well. Broken podium and a giant welt. Aw. What a clusterfuck of humor that was. I’ll take it.

Inside the NBA: It’s kind of weird that you can see Hader’s shadow and not Kenan. The lighting is all off here. Parodying the giant TV ads is a smart idea. I wonder who wrote this sketch. I get so tired of spending half of my TV watching hearing about Frank Caliendo or House or whatever else. Arrested Development mocked this as well once. And Charles Barkley would react exactly like that. In fact, let’s see exactly how Sir Charles would react.

One of my favorite things ever. Easily.

Green Day – “Know Your Enemy”: Will Ferrell and his Ricky Martin shirt. Tre Cool looks pretty bored back there. I miss the days of it just being Billie Joe, Mike & Tre. Stop writing extraneous parts so you have random dudeman up there guitar soloing. Or play your own solos. Geez. There you go! I remember when Green Day was on SNL promoting American Idiot and they tore the place down with “Holiday.” This performance isn’t doing that for me. Though I do love these guys. Rare is the band that I’ve liked consistently since 1992. I absolutely remember my older sister’s Kerplunk! cassette tape.

Weekend Update: Amy Poehler’s back! Yay! After spending the last few weeks watching series finales, they’re certainly making it feel like it’s the end of SNL. Kind of strange. “In forty years, we went from ‘One giant leap for mankind..’ to ‘Launch was awesome!'”

Alienz, you guys! :-O

That’s totally going on my twitter right now. Unfortunately, NASADeepSpace is not currently a twitter name.

Really with Seth & Amy! Oh, finales. “If you’re so smart, where’s your honorary degree from Arizona State?” Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy spoke at my college graduation. He talked a lot about child sex trading and other horrific things that dampened the “We’re graduating!” mood.

I was trying to think of a way to bring in Harry Caray, and they found it! They found it!

Tony Danza is teaching tenth grade english for a reality show? That will be the one reality show I must watch. Poor Chewy. Seth and Amy love each other so much. Awww.

Funeral: Hey, Jason Sudeikis exists! Graham Yost. This is the most pointless recurring sketch ever. But hey, cause Maya Rudolph is actually there! Your body is basically a beard.

Green Day – “21 Guns”: In my mind, I’m pretending that they are performing “When I Come Around” and I am sobbing. Also, I have eaten way too much chips and guacomole today. Sorry, world. I am just obsessed with the taste of avocado. And I was too lazy to cook myself dinner. I like the lighting used in the performance. I just don’t know how I feel about this song, the fourth dude, Billie Joe’s voice right now, etc. I do still love Tre Cool. I wonder what happened with him and Donna C from the Donnas. According to Wikipedia, he is now dating a woman called Ruri. Okay.

Vietnam Memories: I really enjoy that the entire cast is in this sketch. And it’s more absurdist humour. And hey, now there’s Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Tom Hanks, Green Day, Anne Hathaway, Norm Macdonald, Artie Lange and Paul Rudd. Seth! Seth was in there and I didn’t even notice. Way to be in a sketch, Seth! I kind of love that, and I don’t know why. I would like to watch it again.

Closing: Elisabeth Moss? I missed her. And the big point out to Darrell. I guess it is his last season. Has this been confirmed? Wouldn’t be a shock, but it’d be a little sad. Tre Cool sought Amy Poehler out there. Ha. Well, it’s been a good season, SNL. There were some ups and downs. But overall, I feel like it was a solid season. And it has been an honour to have you guys read my recaps.

I’ll find something else to write about over the summer..

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