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Commercials and Cabbies

May 22, 2009

You all know I’m obsessed with commercials, right? Well, when I saw this new Heineken commercial, I knew it had to be blogged. I’ve never had a cabbie quite this awesome. Heineken LIES.


The best cabbie I ever had babbled at me for 15 minutes in Mandarin, even though clearly I didn’t understand a single word he said. He shoved his card in my face, implying I should call him anytime I needed to get around Guangzhou, China.

That card saved my life, because about 20 minutes after he dropped me off at my hotel, I realized I’d left my backpack with all of my IDs and my American money in the back of his cab. HOLY CRAP.

I ran down to the lobby and nearly shouted at the first Front Desk Agent I saw to call his number on the card he gave me. She could barely speak English either, but she understood enough to know I was FREAKING OUT. She said he’d be back in like 10 minutes and I should go wait outside. I nearly jumped over the desk and hugged her out of appreciation.

10 minutes exactly, there was my cabbie. He jumped out of the car and grabbed my bag, and indicated that I should check to make sure everything was still in it. Everything WAS still in it, and I practically cried with how wonderful this guy was.

BEST CABBIE EVER, but he didn’t sing me Biz Markie.

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