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JoBro Time FoSho

June 12, 2009

It is with great sadness that I have to admit that the Jonas Brothers fifteen minutes are starting to run out.

The Jonas Brothers were one of the first bands that I ever dealt with in the music industry, though I didn’t actually do anything for them. I watched their first appearance on TRL (omg!) in my boss’ office, I used a Jonas Brothers folder through my senior year of college, telling everyone that itty bitty Nick looked like little Ben Lee, and I had like.. 4 or 5 copies of their first album. I still have them. I thought they were precious. Twee. Nick had been on Broadway, and you could tell from his pre-pubescent singing voice. I spent most of my time being obsessed with Franz Ferdinand’s “You Could Have it so Much Better” and The Strokes’ “First Impressions of Earth” around this time, but every once in awhile I’d pop in “It’s About Time,” because damnit, it was catchy.

Itty Bitty Committee

Itty Bitty Committee

I never did end up seeing them during that time period, and they got sucked into the Disney marketing machine with Hollywood Records and blew up a bit. Or a lot. And they were everywhere. Every. Where. They signed a deal to do a TV show with Disney about two years ago that didn’t premiere until this year, and now it’s too late. Ratings aren’t spectacular, and it seems that nothing this side of Hannah Montana can stop the iCarly machine.

Unfortunately, there is such a thing as oversaturation, and while Nick Jonas can write a good pop song (and believe me, he does write them.. the most impressive thing to me, I believe, is that he seems to have written “S.O.S.” by himself), his post-puberty voice needs work. He’s like Peter Brady. They’re trying to change their sound and move towards being a bit more adult (one of the new songs has a moment of silence where they would be saying the word “bitch,” for real), but spending the last 2 years hooked onto the Disney machine and shooting foam on audiences in 3-D has really hurt their chances of ever accomplishing a Hanson-like career.


I say all of this, because yesterday, I walked up to Irving Plaza and got a wristband to see them for free last night. No, really. I got there at 3:50, got a wristband and left. They were only giving out 700 of them, the show was announced to their fanclub at like 8am, to teen magazines at around 9:30am, to Billboard Magazine and Z100 at around 1:30, and when a friend of mine called around 5:15, they still had some left. In 2001, NSync wristbands would have been gone by what? Noon at the latest?

They are a sweet and decent group of guys, and I wish them all of the best, but things aren’t looking too hot right now. Maybe I’m wrong, we’ll see. Don’t bother flaming me on this one, either, dudes. I recognize that it’s just an opinion and maybe sometime in the next few months they’ll flip a switch and be the hottest thing since sliced bread all over again. And I actually am a fan, you can read this old entry about when they were on SNL if you so choose.

AT ANY RATE, I still went to see them and I did enjoy myself. They came out after the entirety of “We Will Rock You” blasted through Irving and people stomp stomp clapped as they are so apt to do. They played some new songs, some old songs, some Camp Rock songs, and more importantly, they had a horn section and a mini-orchestra. They had saxophone solos!

Nick Jonas gave an inspirational speech while alone on stage telling us about how there was death in our eyes and we were all getting older, but no matter how many issues we were having, it’s not the end, it’s just a new chapter. And girls cried.

And Joe Jonas inspired everyone in his own way later on by yelling at the crowd, “I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to kiss you!” Ok.

They played pretty much everything that I would ever want to hear, and I was shocked that their free show was more than 30 minutes of them playing new songs. Songs I know that they played (don’t know the new stuff too well): “Paranoid,” “Poison Ivy,” “Much Better,” “Tonight,” “Hold On,” “Year 3000,” “Play My Music,” “Gotta Find You,” “When You Look Me in the Eyes,” “Lovebug,” “S.O.S.” and they closed with “Burnin’ Up,” and Big Rob came out and did his thang. Though I’m pretty sure it was more like lip synching his thang. Don’t know.

They sounded great, they looked great (thank you for understanding that your hair looks better curly, Joseph), they were pretty subdued, and I’m not entirely sure why they bother wearing shirts if they’re all just going to end the night in their white undershirts being all sweaty and such, but I can’t complain.

I can, however, go ahead and link you to J-14 Magazine’s coverage of the show, if that’s what you’re here to see. There are good people over at J-14, and I’m pretty sure they have some Nick/Miley gossip to break in the next few days…

Maybe that’ll help them.

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