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Thoughts on Michael Jackson’s Memorial.

July 7, 2009

So, the MJ Memorial in Los Angeles wrapped up about an hour ago, and I got to catch it on MSNBC. I wasn’t planning to watch it, to be honest, and I didn’t liveblog it (despite the fact that I’ll take any excuse to liveblog anything, pretty much, as I’m sure you’ve all noticed) because I didn’t feel it was right. But I did end up watching, because if you have a chance to see thousands of people pay their respects to an icon, how do you not want to observe?

Anyway, I try not to get caught up and emotional over other peoples’ pain. It’s always been something I’ve found curious, how the emotion that people most easily yearn to share is pain. People can be selfish or private or embarrassed about other emotions, but when someone dies, everybody wants to be part of the mourning process. Everyone wants to say that they were there. Everyone wants to be able to feel something with the close family and friends. To be honest, as someone who isn’t very often outwardly emotional, it’s always kinda weirded me out.

But today, while watching this memorial for a man I didn’t know personally and of whose music I was probably only a moderate fan, watching his family and friends pay their respects with prose and song made me a little more teary-eyed than I’d like to admit.

In any case, the memorial was beautifully done. It was cheesy at times, touching at others, heartbreakingly sad, and lol-inducingly funny. It was truly a celebration of who Michael Jackson was. My friend observed that it was more funeral-y than she’d expected, which was true, but that was appropriate. My favorite performances were by Stevie Wonder and Jermaine Jackson, and my favorite speeches were given by Brooke Shields, Berry Gordy, Magic Johnson, and Smokey Robinson. Marlon Jackson’s words towards the end were touching, and MJ’s daughter Paris made me tear up along with everyone else as she fought to say, through tears, that her daddy was the best father you could ever imagine.

Broke my heart, guys.

Anyway, as usual, here are some videos [lots of ’em, hahaha]:

Goodness. What an afternoon. Have a great day, guys.

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