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Sad News from the Land of Oz

July 20, 2009

It seems as though Australia’s national swim team will be a little lackluster at this year’s FINA World Championships (taking place RIGHT NOW) in Rome.


Grant Hackett retired last year after his third Olympic appearance, in which he won a silver and bronze medal. He’s now a banker and expecting twins with his wife, which is a complete turnaround from crazy famous Olympic swimmer, though he does do sports reporting for the Nine Network on weekends. He also has political aspirations. Hey Grant, we’ll help you with your aspirations if you help us with ours, yea?

Lethal Liesel Jones is “on sabbatical” (I guess that’s what the Aussies call it) to study beauty therapy. She’s only 23 and already SO LETHAL, so we can’t wait for her return to the pool.

Hayden Stoeckel, with some Matt Grevers & Aaron Peirsol for good measure.

Hayden Stoeckel, with some Matt Grevers & Aaron Peirsol for good measure.

Hayden Stoeckel is out with a shoulder injury that he sustained during practice. Yikes.

Saddest of all, the much celebrated return of Eamon Sullivan’s torso to our American television sets took a hit when Eamon cancelled his Nationals appearance to head back to Australia.


His royal torso is ill with an undiagnosed virus that he’s been fighting since being in Singapore about six weeks ago. Rupert Grint survived the swine flu, so I’m confident that the resilient torso will make it out of this alright and be back in action in no time. In all seriousness, though, we do hope that it is nothing too critical.

So what do we have to look forward to from down under next weekend? Olyvil’s Olympic hero Stephanie Rice should be there, wearing adorable earrings, however, she has been hit by a respiratory illness that might force her to sit her events out. Libby Trickett will be there, fighting those with sleeker suits.


And Andrew Lauterstein, who ditched his Speedo LZR suit for one of those new polyurethane ones, will be swimming the butterfly.. aka that race that Phelps won by .01 second in Beijing.

Can’t wait!

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