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Days 2 Swimming World Championships!

July 29, 2009

I haven’t had time to sit down and blog the past couple days, and I feel badly about it, like I am failing you, dear readers, so now I am catching up on day two highlights on Universal Sports and enjoying the crap out of myself. It’s the simple things, okay?

While we’re talking of simple things making me happy, and while the highlights show I’m watching shows me, again, the Men’s 4x100M Free Relay (I have no idea why, since that was on Day 1), I’m sure you’ve noticed a new layout here at OlyVil. It took Kim and myself literally like 3 days to finally decide on a WordPress theme we liked, and then HOURS of me trying to make a header that 1. would fit, and 2. wouldn’t be compressed so ridiculously that it was better to just not have one.

Isn’t the header cute?! It’s a collage of all our favorite things we like to blog about, clearly. ADORABLE. We also updated our blogroll, so go take a look at it and visit some of our friends! If you wanna be on the blogroll, let us know and we’ll work something out. Wink wink.

Anyway, I apologize again for the delay on this recap, but, man, life. Later today I’ll try to also post a short recap of days 3 and 4 just so I can get caught up for the rest of the week.

During breaks in this video, they keep showing this hilarious shot of Milky at Nationals and it keeps making me LOL pretty hard, not gonna lie:

This should be our new header, clearly. Just this.

This should be our new header, clearly. Just this.

The video was just going over things we can expect from day 2, and it just said that  Ariana Kukors is getting ready to smash the world record. Honestly, smashing world records anymore is kinda boring, considering everyone and their mother has been smashing them lately. That doesn’t take away from the incredible discipline and skill it takes to smash a world record, but I’m just saying — it’s less exciting when it’s happening every 15 minutes.

Speaking of Ariana Kukors, let’s introduce her to the world, shall we?

Athlete Profile: Ariana Kukors

Ariana Kukors

Ariana Kukors

Ariana Kukors, in my opinion (and kind of in everyone else’s opinion right now as well), is the athlete to watch on the US Women’s Swim Team this year in Rome. While the team is usually dominated by Olympic veterans who are mostly absent from this year’s World Championships (Natalie Coughlin is taking some time off after Beijing, [skankfaced] Amanda Beard is having a baby pretty soon, Katie Hoff is fail blog), this year’s team gives a few fresh faces a chance to prove themselves and show us what to expect over the next few years.

According to the wikipedia, this 20 year old Washington native swam for a bit for the Washington Huskies before joining the King Aquatic Club. She impressed spectators at Nationals when the unknown made 3rd place in the Women’s 200M IM, and then after Elizabeth Pelton scratched the event, positively shattered Australian cutiepie Stephanie Rice’s world record in the 200M IM Semifinals in Rome on Sunday. I believe that’s the only event she’ll be swimming in Rome this year, but I think we need to put this girl on our radar, cos she’s gonna be all up in our fries soon.

During DAY TWO (well, day 11, technically) of Worlds, Kukors swam the Women’s 200M IM Final, an event whose commentary is usually dominated by the long-standing rivalry between Stephanie Rice and Zimbabwe’s Kirsty Coventry. Yesterday, though, Kukors led the pack, yet again breaking the world record she set on Sunday, and winning gold with a time of 2:06.15. Rice came in 2nd, and Coventry was shut out of the medal standings by Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu, who came in 3rd. Sucks to be Kirsty.

Rice, Kukors, and Hosszu

Rice, Kukors, and Hosszu

Next event coming up is the Men’s 100M Breaststroke Final. [Cancer Free!!!!!!] Eric Shanteau is swimming this event. Rowdy Gaines is saying he could become the world’s best breaststroker, depending on the results of this race, and 12 year old me giggles at “breast stroker lolz.”

AAAAND I just spoiled myself to this race while browsing Wikipedia, and that is really annoying. I’ll pretend I didn’t just see the results. TABULA RASA, CELISSE.

Shanteau is in lane 4, and he’s the only American swimming this race. I’m not familiar with any of the other swimmers previous to Sunday’s semi-finals, so I’m going to ignore them, sorry.

The buzzer goes off and the men hit the water. At the 50, Shanteau has fallen behind, but picks up some speed towards the 100. He just misses the wall, though, and comes in 4th after South Africa’s  Cameron van der Burgh (3rd), France’s Hugues Duboscq (2nd), and Australia’s Brenton Rickard, who walks away with a gold medal and a new world record.



Sorry, Shanteau. I guess you’re not the world’s best breast stroker after all.

Next up is the Women’s 100m Butterfly Final, and Dana Vollmer is the only US swimmer in this event. And this time I am not going to spoil myself. Other important names in this event are Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom AAAAND I JUST SPOILED MYSELF AGAIN. Jesus, Celisse, when will you learn?

Anyhow, big names in this event, again, are Sarah Sjostrom, who came in first in the semi finals on Sunday, and Australia’s Jessicah Schipper, who came in second. Should be a good race, let’s get this party staaaaarted.

100’s and 50’s drive me nuts cos they’re really just too short to get into, honestly, but whatever. At the turn, Vollmer is in 7th place, and the announcers are calling it another Shanteau since Vollmer is way behind. Brazil’s Gabriella Silva had the lead at the 50, apparently, but now it looks like Sjostrom is in the lead, and just a tiny bit ahead of the world record, with Schipper following closely behind! Vollmer isn’t even in this race, dang. She hits the wall FIFTH, and looks like she’s about to cry or something. Jeez.

Sjostrom gets the gold, Schipper gets silver, and China’s Jiao Liuyang gets the bronze. Vollmer actually tied for 5th with Gabriella Silva, after France’s Aurore Mongel, who came in 4th place.

Oh hello, podium which does not include Dana Vollmer.

Oh hello, podium which does not include Dana Vollmer.

For as much as I generally love the Men’s US Swimming Team, the Women’s team makes me want to cry on a semi regular basis.

The Men’s 100m Backstroke Semi is up next, and the only dreamboat who has managed to stay a dreamboat for me since Athens 2004, Aaron Peirsol, is gonna ROCK THIS. Or else. RIGHT? Right.

Oh, Peirsol, you half-suited hottie.

Oh, Peirsol, you half-suited hottie.

Matty Grevers is swimming the first semifinal, and all I have to say about that is that Kim better admire the level of bulge happening while Grevers is massaging our boy Milky:

Italy Swimming World Championships

I’m not blogging a semi-final, dudes. I’m sleepy. Japan’s Junya Koga came in 1st in the first semifinal and the announcer are in awe. Grevers came in 4th. Moving on!

Second semi-final, let’s do this. Oh God, he hasn’t even been on the screen for 5 seconds and the announcers already mentioned how he exemplifies everything California Cool. WE GET IT. YOU’VE BEEN SAYING IT FOR LIKE 5 YEARS.

WHOA WHOA WHOA. HOTTIE ALERT! Who is this Aschwin Wildeboer? Apparently he’s from Spain and also a DREAMBOAT!

Sup hottie!

Sup hottie!

I have no idea who this guy is but I wanna make out. Don’t you guys love how I not only liveblog the events, but I also liveblog my personal hottie preferences? Jeez.

Uhoh, Peirsol didn’t place in this semifinal. That Spanish dreamboat came in first, Greece’s Aristeidis Grigoriadis (holy Jesus what a name) came in second, and GBR’s Liam TANCOCK (rofl rofl) came in third.

OH DANG, OH MY GOD. Peirsol gets SHUT OUT of the final, coming in NINTH PLACE. Oh my God. The standings hit the board and his face DROPS, dude. He is SHOCKED. I am too. This breaks my heart into a zillion pieces. Matt Grevers actually makes it in the 5th spot. That’s gotta hurt. The crowd is as completely baffled as I am, gasping loudly when the times hit the board. The announcers, for once in their miserable careers, don’t even know what to say.

Aaron, I have faith in you. I still love you. :C He’s still got the 200m coming up so we’ll see what happens. DANG, man. I just wanna give him a hug.

Okay, well, whatever. Up next is the Women’s 100M Breaststroke Semi. I’m pretty tired so I’m skipping this one. USA’s Rebecca Soni and Kasey Carlson both make it into the final, which was an event from tonight that I’ll blog about later. Soni broke the world record. Everyone’s breakin’ world records.

Moving on, the Men’s 50m Butterfly is next, and y’all know I hate 50m’s. There aren’t any Americans on tis race, but I’m gonna go ahead and call it for Serbia’s Milorad Cavic, in lane five. Let’s see if I’m right! They’re almost at the end of the pool and no one has reached the world record line yet. That’s a first. EYEROLL.

AHA, I was right! Milorad Cavic takes the gold, followed by Australia’s Matthew Targett in second, and Spain’s Rafael Munoz in third.


This is Cavic’s first world championship title, and the announcers actually just said that he’s “no longer a bridesmaid.” Oh, announcers. You’re weird.

I’m pretty sure the rest of the events for Day Two were all semi finals so I think I’m gonna end this here. Have a great day, guys. Like I said up there, I’ll try to play catch up on days 3 and 4 later tonight. Enjoy!

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  1. July 29, 2009 10:25 am

    Where’s the swimmer’s crack I so was hoping for in this recap!? (Don’t you know swimmer’s crack is the new plumber’s crack?!)

  2. July 30, 2009 9:10 am

    i guess andrew lauterstein’s contract ditching didn’t get him anything?

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