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Days 3 and 4 of the Swimming World Championships

July 30, 2009

Hi, friends and lovers of hot wet athletes. That was dirty. Anyway, hello! Today was Day 12 of the FINA World Championships (Day 4 in OlyVil time, since we’re only following Swimming), and I’m here to bring you a re-cap of the past two days’ finals.

There are a lot of events to cover tonight, and I’m gonna try to keep this as organized and compact as possible. I’ll start this off by listing the nine final events that happened on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I’ll get into the video hosted by Universal Sports and start writing from there.

Tuesday, July 28 – Day 3:

  • Men’s 200M Freestyle
  • Women’s 100M Backstroke
  • Women’s 1500M Freestyle
  • Men’s 100M Backstroke :C
  • Women’s 100M Breaststroke

Wednesday, July 29 – Day 4:

  • Men’s 200M Butterfly
  • Women’s 200M Freestyle
  • Men’s 50M Breaststroke
  • Men’s 800m Freestyle

Wow, I just got sucked into watching a bit of Tuesday’s water polo match between Germany and the US, and it seems like such an awkward sport. My best friend in highschool was on the swim team, and a lot of the swimmers were also on the water polo team, and those were some of the most frightening people I’ve ever sorta known. Weird!

In any case, it’s cool when they’re all on one side of the pool, and then they immediately all go swimming to the other side like a little school of fish. Harrrrrr.

Okay, swimming! Let’s go.

Tuesday, Day 3. [video]

Men’s 200M Freestyle

The buzz around Tuesday’s events is all about the Men’s 200M Freestyle, and that Michael Phelps has a real challenge in Germany’s Paul Biedermann, who not only won the 400M Free on Sunday night, but also broke the long-standing world record set by our favorite retired swimmer (and former LOVE OF MY OLYMPICS LIFE), Ian Thorpe of Australia.

The announcers just said that all of the world records that have been broken thus far since the events began on Sunday have been by athletes who’ve been wearing the controversial (and now illegal starting in 2010) polyurethane suits that Milky’s been harping against for the past few months.

The menz are coming out to the pool now and Milky’s got his signature giant headphones on, and I know he’s hearing Kim give him all sorts of sexy peptalks before this huge race. They cut to a shot of Biedermann who literally just thumped his own chest and yelled at no one in particular. At least that’s exactly what it looked like. Maybe he was choking temporarily on a sausage or something. You just never know. Either way — awkward!

Phelps is in lane 3 of this race, and Biedermann is in lane 4. I don’t recoognize any of the other swimmers so I’m going to ignore them. Sorry, menz.

ARRITE. The men hit the water and everyone goes nuts, basically. I hate when NBC doesn’t put the flags showing which swimmer hits the wall first. Annoying. As of the 50, Biedermann is first and Phelps is second, but we all know he takes it easy at first. Biedermann is just slightly over the world record line, and is continuing to pull ahead of Milky. Uhoh. THIS IS NOT LOOKING GOOD, GUYS. Biedermann is WAY ahead of Phelps at this point and is about a half body ahead of the world record. Oh CRAP BIEDERMANN HITS THE WALL AND TAKES THE GOLD, BREAKING PHELP’S RECORD. Milky gets silver and Russia’s Danila Izotov takes the bronze.

Wow, dude. Between this and Aaron Peirsol not advancing in the 100m Backstroke, I’m about ready to cry, cry, cry. They cut to a shot of Debbie Phelps who is clapping with the most serious face I’ve ever seen before. Holy guac, she looks ready to shoot lazer beams out her eyes.

Keep in mind, though, I don’t wanna say that Biedermann won because of the suit he was wearing, because I think it’s wrong to take away a swimmer’s skill and dedication by passing it off onto a swimsuit, but homie IS wearing the new suit, dude, and Milky isn’t, and that kinda puts an unfair spin on the whole thing.

Italy Swimming World ChampionshipsI don’t really know what’s going on in this photo of Milky lookin downright annoyed (or, um, whistling?) next to Paul Biedermann on the podium, but it reminds me a lot of this oldschool shot from 2004, after the Men’s US Relay team steals the gold away from Australia in the 4×100 Free:

Haaaaahaaahaha ugh.

Haaaaahaaahaha ugh.

Anyway, sad day for camp Phelps and Team USA, but a happy day for Germany. At least it wasn’t the French!



Whoaaa, Andrea Kramer interviews Paul Biedermann and he actually says that maybe Milky needs more training, and this is the point where I wanna punch him right in his smug little face. Maybe Milky doesn’t need more training. Maybe Beidermann needs to take off his ILLEGAL SWIMSUIT.

Aw, shucks, right after that he said that in reference to the suits, he hopes they get banned soon and that he hopes he can challenge Michael again without the suits. Clearly, he means naked. NO okay but yeah, he sounded earnest so I’ll forgive him for his EARLIER COMMENTS. Jeez.

Women’s 100M Backstroke

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this race. Zimbabwe’s Kirsty Coventry is in this one, which gives her a chance to recover from missing a medal on Monday in the 200M IM. I like her a lot so she’s who I’m rooting for.

The only American in the race is Hayley McGregory, who I’ve never heard of before. Alas! I don’t recognize most of the other names either, so I have nothing more to say. Let’s go!

Apparently in the semi’s on Monday night, Russia’s Anastasia Zueva broke Coventry’s record in this event, so we’ll see how this goes down. The buzzer goes off and so far, Zueva is in first as of the 50. Zueva and Gemma Spofforth of Great Britain are the only ones ahead of the world record line and I believe Coventry is in third. Uhohhhh. Oh, dang! Nevermind, Coventry is waaay behind third place DUDE. Sucks. Spofforth and Zueva are fighting for first! Spofforth gets the gold! Zueva came in second and Australia’s Emily Seebohm takes third place.

Where even is Coventry? Like, 18th? Yeah, dude, she came in dead last. Dang. All my favorites are making me wanna cry.

Anastasia Zueva, Gemma Spofforth, and Emily Seebohm get their medals.

Anastasia Zueva, Gemma Spofforth, and Emily Seebohm get their medals.

Not gonna lie, Emily Seebohm looks SUPER annoying.

Not gonna lie, Emily Seebohm looks SUPER annoying.

What’s the next event? I’ve only blogged two! I feel like I’ve blogged eight! Sheesh.

Universal Sports is hosting another poll, and I include it just for Kim:

Women’s 1500M Free

This is going to be a loooong race. There’s one American swimming this race. Her name is Chloe Sutton, and apparently she was at Beijing, competing in the open water competition. That’s pretty cool. I’ve never watched Open Water, tbh. Maybe I should check that out one day.

I mean, who knows, there could be a WHOLE WOOOORLD of hotties I haven’t yet discovered!

There’s really no one in this race that I’m familiar with at all, and the announcers say that there’s no one in this race who is a returning medalist in this event, so it’s pretty much wide open. Here’s the lane standings, just cos I JUST figured out that I can screencap the video! HECK YES.

hmmmRowdy Gaines is complaining about the Women’s 1500m not being an Olympic event. He’s saying that it’s almost discrimination that the men get the 1500m as an Olympic event, but the women only get an 800m.

This race is so effing long that they actually cut to an interview during it. Hilarious.

They’re talking about the suits, again, and saying that it’s still being worked out, but it’s widely speculated that once the new suits are banned next year, the mens teams will have to wear jammers, which fall only between the waist and the knee. And the women won’t be able to wear anything above the shoulders, which confuses me cos I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that on the womens’ team before.

Personally, I can’t argue with menz wearing the Aaron Peirsol Staple:

Oh yes. Bring us more torso, FINA.

Oh yes. Bring us more torso, FINA.

As of the 450M, Denmark’s Lotte Friis is in first place, and has been for quite a while. Chloe Sutton looks to be in 6th place. Friis is ahead of the world record line. And they cut to a break. Ahahaha.

The video returns and as the ladies hit the 950M, Lotte Friis is still in first, but Italy’s Alessia Filippi has caught up and is actually just a bit ahead of Friis! And my video just friggen disappeared. Grrrrreat.

The Italian crowd is going INSANE, basically. Filippi has surpassed Friis by quite a bit, now, as of the uhhhh, actually I have no idea how long they’ve been swimming now. Ah, the 1200 now. She’s JUST below the world record line, wow. She’s actually just ahead of it now, and only 100m left! Friis is fighting to get ahead, but she’s too far gone, I think.

OH NO, Filippi lost the world record line, but she makes it to the wall first, followed shortly by Friis who never quite caught up enough. Awww, Italy. This is sweet. Romania’s Camelia Potec came in third.

That's right, Alessia. You give that camera those bedroom eyes. Dork.

That's right, Alessia. You give that camera those bedroom eyes. Geek.

Men’s 100m Backstroke

This event is gonna break my heart no matter the outcome, just cos I love Aaron Peirsol and it makes me sad that he’s not racing it, but we do have Matt Grevers to count on, representing the US team, so all is not lost.

Oh, and hottiefaced Aschwin Wildeboer is in this race too! EXCITING in the pants.

The menz hit the water and wow dude they look like they’re going way faster than normal. As of the 50, everyone looks almost even, it’s hard to tell who’s in first. It looks like Japan’s Junya Koga may be in the lead, just above of the world record line! The world record line just randomly disappears as they immediately all fall out of pace with it, and then Koga hits the wall, followed by Germany’s Helge Meeuw, and then Spain’s Wildeboer. omg so cute, that guy. NEW CRUSH.

Matty G. came in 7th. Sigh.

Aww they're all cuties in this race. Koga has some impressive hair, man.

Aww they're all cuties in this race. Koga has some impressive hair, man.

And just for good measure, cos I'm smitten, it's Wildeboer. Aw.

And just for good measure, cos I'm smitten, it's Wildeboer. Aw.

They are seriously playing the music from Star Wars right now. What the hell?

Women’s 100M Breaststroke

This is the last event of Day 3. Rebecca Soni is in lane 5. Russia’s Yuliya Efimova, who came in 2nd place to Soni at the Semifinals on Day 2 is in lane 5. Another US athlete, Kasey Carlson, is in lane 1.

Soni’s gonna take it, there’s no way she wont. LET’S SEE. After the 50m, Sarah Katsoulis of Australia has a slight lead, but Soni is right behind her. Soni is inching up, and is just above of the world record, but I don’t know if she’ll maintain it! YEP Soni gets first place but just misses the world record, followed by Katsoulis, and Kasey Carlson comes in third!

Italy Swimming World Championships

Can we talk about how cute Kasy Carlson’s reaction was to coming in third at her first World Championships?

Aw. I love when they're really super excited.

Aw. I love when they're really super excited.

That’s the last event for Tuesday, so now I’m gonna move on to Wednesday’s events.

Wednesday, Day 4. [video]

The video starts off with the first Semifinal of the Men’s 100m Free, and I wasn’t planning to watch, but Nathan Adrian is in it, and I forgot that I love him. Whoops!

France’s Alain Bernard is also in that race, which, whatever. I hope my qtpie spanks that fool. But that’s just a dream. Alas!

Alright though seriously I don’t care about semi finals, uh, except they just said that Nathan Adrian didn’t make it to the finals for this event, and that’s pretty annoying. Whatever whatever, moving on.

Men’s 200M Butterfly

Michael Phelps is swimming in this race, and hopefully he’ll be making up for the disappointment of coming in 2nd in the 200 free. I swear, only for Michael Phelps would coming in 2nd at an international competition be a disappointment.

According to the announcers, Milky’s biggest competition is this race is Japan’s Takeshi Matsuda, but they note that neither Matsuda or Phelps is wearing the polyurethane suits, so that shouldn’t be a factor in this race, unlike the 200 free.

Okay, actually, can I just say something semi off-topic for a moment?

That right there is the very reason why I can't wait for jammers to become standard. Yep. Yeppppp.

That right there is the very reason why I can't wait for the half-suits to become standard. Yep. Yeppppp.

Okay, they hit the water and there’s really no doubt that Milky is gonna win this one, honestly. This is Phelps’ best event, by all accounts, and as of the 50 he’s already way ahead of everyone, and he’s way ahead of the world record.

Phelps is over a bodylength above Matsuda, going into the last leg of the race. He breaks the record and I thank my lucky stars, cos I think he really needed a big win after Tuesday’s events. Love it. Matsuda actually comes in third, just after Pawel Korzeniowski of Poland.

Oh dear God, they cut to a shot of Debbie Phelps who is legitimately like sobbing in the stands. Hilarious.

As an aside, I really wanna know who picks the music for these events, cos, MAN, it is always outdated and hilarious. I think I said it last year, but I totally want that job of international sports event DJ. Mhm. I have friggen SoulDecision on my iTunes, okay? I can compete with the best of ’em when it comes to corny pop music, okay?

This is for Kim.

This is for Kim.


Pawel Kozieniowski, Phelps, and Takesi Matsuda. Korzeniowski is kind of hunkular, yeah?

This just makes me laaaaugh.

This just makes me laaaaugh.

Women’s 200M Freestyle

Alright, guys, this one should be a good race. Americans Dana Vollmer and Allison Schmitt are both in this race, along with Italy’s Federica Pellegrini, who won this race in the semifinals, and GBR’s Joanne Jackson, who came in 3rd in semifinals.

I love 200m races. Anyway, the buzzer goes off, and thus far at the 50, randomly, Hungary’s Evelyn Verraszto in lane one is in first place. As of the 100, Pellegrini is in the lead, with Dana Vollmer in second and Allison Schmitt literally right beside her. Pellegrini is way ahead of everyone and she’s under world record time, awesome. She wins it, clearly, and Schmitt and Vollmer take second and third.

Pellegrini looks like she’s about to cry, awww.

Homegurl seems pleased with herself, haha.

Homegurl seems pleased with herself, haha.

Allison Schmitt, Federica Pellegrini, and Dana Vollmer on the podium.

Allison Schmitt, Federica Pellegrini, and Dana Vollmer on the podium.



Men’s 50m Breaststroke

Aw, dang. Another 50m. Should I even bother? By the time I figure out what’s going on it’s already over. Psh.

The only American swimming this race is Mark Gangloff, in lane 8. I swear, it happened, and now it’s over. Sheesh. Cameron Van Der Burgh of South Africa takes first, followed by Brazil’s Felipe Silva, and Mark Gangloff is third.

I noticed on our stats that someone found this site by asking if Van Der Burgh was wearing one of the new suits when he won one of his previous races, and yes, he has been wearing one of the Arena suits for all of his events in Rome.

Felipe Silva, Cameron Van Der Burgh, and Mark Gangloff.

Felipe Silva, Cameron Van Der Burgh, and Mark Gangloff.

Men’s 800M Freestyle

This is the last final of the evening, and I’m excited just cos I’m really tired. The only names I recognize in this race are Tunisia’s Ous Mellouli, and USA’s Peter Vanderkaay, photobomber extraordinaire.

2+ minutes into the race, Ous Mellouli is currently in first. I have no idea who’s following him cos they went to break. OH, it’s back, and Zhang Lin of China has actually moved ahead of Mellouli, about half-way through the race! Both Lin and Mellouli are way, way, way ahead of the world record, which Australian Grant Hackett set four years ago.

Mellouli has pulled just ahead of Lin, and actually NO Lin takes the lead back, and they are basically neck and neck in the last 50 meters. Zhang Lin is suddenly pulling WAY ahead of Mellouli, and he wins the race by a big margin. Mellouli gets 2nd, and Ryan Cochrane of Canada makes it in third.

Peter Vanderkaay gets 6th place. Okay, then.

Ryan Cochrane, Zhang Lin, and Ous Mellouli.

Ryan Cochrane, Zhang Lin, and Ous Mellouli.

And with that, dear readers, I am all caught up with the competition thus far, and now so are you! I am ridiculously sleepy and need to get OUT OF THIS CHAIR. Have a great day, and I’ll probably be back later tonight with Day 5 highlights. YAY.

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    Yea get to know Chloe Sutton Hot but illegal. Just turned 17 Ive heard she has a small groopie problem with italians and Greeks at Worlds

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