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Day 8 of the Swimming World Championships!

August 3, 2009

Hello, internet! I’m sorry for bringing this to you much later than expected, but sometimes offline life gets in the way, you know? As of this writing, I haven’t even finished watching NBC’s broadcast of the final day of the FINA World Championships, so this will be kind of a half liveblog, yeah? hahah.

In any case, like I said, this is the final day of the Worlds and I am sad, sad, sad to see them go. Killer Kim is into all kinds of sports, but I pretty much just follow Swimming, which can be difficult when it’s not widely covered outside of a giant event like the Worlds or Olympics. So, after today, I’m really gonna have to think up new content to bring you until the next big meet that I’ll get to cover. Alas! Anyway, onto the good stuff.

Today, there were seven finals:

  • Men’s 50m Backstroke
  • Women’s 50m Breaststroke
  • Men’s 400m Individual Medley
  • Women’s 50m Freestyle
  • Men’s 1500m Freestyle
  • Women’s 400m Individual Medley
  • Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay

Since I don’t really like to liveblog 50m races (what’s the point? They’re so short that they’re over by the time I’ve typed only the header), I’ll just go ahead and give you the results right now.

Men’s 50m Backstroke: No Americans made it to the finals of this event. The big players for this one were Liam Tancock of Great Britain (Lane 4), and Junya Koga of Japan (Lane 5). Spanish hottie Aschwin Wildeboer was also in this race, but he missed the podium by .53. Sad! Tancock came in first and broke the world record with a time of 24.04. Koga came in second, and South Africa’s Gerhard Zandberg came in third.

Zandberg, Tancock, and Koga.

Zandberg, Tancock, and Koga.

Can I just interrupt myself to tell you guys that I just planned an entire hypothetical trip to Shanghai for the 14th World Championships in 2011? Wowww, Celisse. I’m totally insane, dudes. Turns out, if I have the estimations correct, the whole trip would come out to just under $2,300 including tickets, flight, and hotel for the entirety of the swimming portion.

If only I had.. you know.. a job? SIGH. Anyway.

Women’s 50m Breaststroke: The American swimmers in this event were Kasey Carlson (Lane 2), and Rebecca Soni (Lane 7). The number one qualifier was Sarah Katsoulis of Australia (Lane 4). Russia’s Yuliya Efimova came in first, Soni came in second, and Katsoulis came in third. I don’t think Soni had as good of a meet as she anticipated this week, but she adds this silver to the gold she already got, so I think she’s doing pretty well for herself. Yay!

Rebecca Soni, Yuliya Efimova, and Sarah Katsoulis.

Rebecca Soni, Yuliya Efimova, and Sarah Katsoulis.

Womens 50m Freestyle: In the last 50m race of the Worlds, there were a couple of big names, including the USA’s Dara Torres, Australia’s Libby Trickett, and Germany’s super adorable Britta Steffen, who already won the gold in the Women’s 100m Freestyle earlier this week. Steffen, true to form, came in first, Sweden’s Therese Alshammar came in second, while Australia’s Cate Campbell and The Netherlands’ Marleen Veldhuis tied for third.


Therese Alshammar, Britta Steffen, Marleen Veldhuis, and Cate Campbell

Unfortunately for the US, Dara Torres came in dead last, bringing her rather disappointing run in these championships to a close. She did an interview a few days ago that said if she had managed to get a gold at Beijing last year, she probably wouldn’t be swimming today. Does that mean we’ll be seeing her again at Nationals next year? Who knows.

I really don’t understand Dara Torres, to be honest. Her medal record is quite impressive, so what is this need to continue on in this sport, past her prime? This sport can be so hard on bodies and despite the fact that she’s still in incredible shape, she already has a terrible knee problem which I believe she’s having surgery on quite soon following the championships. More power to women of any age who want to follow their dreams and all, but I feel like she shoulda quit while she was ahead, you know? If she’s looking for that one last gold medal, I don’t know how much longer she’s gonna have to look for it.

Men’s 1500m Freestyle: I almost feel like it’s pointless to blog about this event, because it is super long, and two of the athletes who medalled in this event last year in Beijing managed to medal in it again this year, with the exception of Grant Hackett, who has retired. Ous Mellouli of Tunisia grabbed the gold in this event, unsurprisingly, while Canada’s Ryan Cochrane, who got the bronze in this event last year, came in second today. Sun Yang of China came in third in this event. Most surprising and yet somehow comforting is the fact that with all the 43 world records that fell this year, Grant Hackett’s record in this event — from 2001! — still stands. Whew.

Ous Mellouli and Ryan Cochrane

Ous Mellouli and Ryan Cochrane

Sun Yang does not look excited :C

Sun Yang does not look excited :C

Men’s 400m IM

Hellooooo, Ryan Lochte. Today (August 3rd) is actually his 25th birthday. Happy Birthday, cutiepie! Now, go kick some ass in this event, k?

Italy’s Luca Marin is in this race, hilariously. It’s mostly hilarious cos I know pretty much nothing about him or his swimming record, but I do know that he’s the creep who leaked those REALLY AWFUL dirty photos of Laure Manaudou to the tabs.

Tyler Clary of the US is also in this race in lane 4. He’s gonna give Lochte a run for his money but I know Ryan won’t let me down, RIGHT? Right. Lochte’s Hungarian rival, Laszlo Cseh is also in this race. Exciting!

AHAHA The announcers introduce lochte in lane 6 and says that it’s his birthday tomorrow (today), maybe he’s gonna buy a new grille. SHUT UP, ANNOUNCERS. Don’t encourage the grillz. Brazil’s Thiago Pereira is also in this race. Buncha big names, let’s see what happens.

The menz hit the water and the announcers are talking about Lochte‘s free spirit and laid-back attitude. Is Lochte the new Peirsol in terms of the announcers opining endlessly about his ~*~*free spirit~*~*~? As of the 100m, Cseh has the lead, with Clary in second and Lochte in third, but they’re going into the backstroke now, which Lochte has perfected. At the 150, Lochte starts pulling ahead of Cseh, who is now in third, but Clary is keeping up very close to him. 200m, they move into the breaststroke.

The announcers mention that while they were talking to Ryan’s dad, Steve Lochte, he mentioned that Ryan loves the breast stroke. Oh, I’ll bet he does. WINK WINK. I’m 12 years old.

Just before the 300m, Clary and Cseh both start fading really fast and really equally, which gives Pereira a chance to kinda squirm his way into 2nd place. He’s gaining on Lochte and as they begin the freestyle, he’s really close to Lochte, who isn’t letting up. It’s the last 50 and Pereira has totally faded and now its Cseh and Clary fighting for 2nd place! Lochte hits first but doesn’t break a record, Clary comes in second, and Cseh in third. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYAYAYA.

Sorry. I get excited.

Oh, Ryan. You're the second best swimmer in the world, you're gorgeous, you have your pick of any lady on the planet, and you've got a beautiful smile to boot. Why do you ruin it with THAT THING IN YOUR MOUF? Stop that.

Oh, Ryan. You're the second best swimmer in the world, you're gorgeous, you have your pick of any lady on the planet, and you've got a beautiful smile to boot. Why do you ruin it with THAT THING IN YOUR MOUF? Stop that.

Thank you, love.

Thank you, love.

Tyler Clary, Ryan Lochte, and Laszlo Cseh.

Tyler Clary, Ryan Lochte, and Laszlo Cseh.

Oh, you know, just because.

Oh, you know, just because.

Wow, check me out posting way more pics of Lochte than of anyone else. Creepy fangirl much? Get a grip, Celisse! ahahaha

Women’s 400m Individual Medley

Oh, I’m getting really sleepy. It’s almost 8am and now I’m getting sleepy? Wonderful. Anyway, let’s look at the field, shall we? Lanes:

  1. Kirsty Coventry, Zimbabwe
  2. Julia Smit, USA
  3. Katinka Hosszu, Hungary
  4. Stephanie Rice, Australia
  5. Elizabeth Beisel, USA
  6. Tanya Hunks, Canada. Ahaaahahaha Hunks? That’s awesome.
  7. Hannah Miley, GBR
  8. Zsuzsanna Jakabos, Hungary

Oh, God, this is gonna be a tough one for me to pick a favorite. We all know I love Coventry, but I also really love Stephanie Rice. Hosszu has shown herself to be someone to watch at these championships as well, so I really have no idea how this is gonna go, but I’m really rooting for Rice.

The ladies hit the water and LOL the announcers are talking about Katie Hoff, and how she’s the 2-time defending world championship in this event, but she didn’t make the team at Nationals. Know why? Cos Katie Hoff, as we all know, is the official face of fail blog.

At least as far as I’m concerned.

At the first 50, Rice is in the lead, but not by much, and Hosszu has already pulled ahead of her. Coventry is in third, and everyone else is just kinda trying to keep up. Coventry has actually pulled ahead and is in the lead, with Hosszu just behind her, and Rice has fallen into 6th place. Coventry and Hosszu are neck and neck right now, on their way to the 300m and the Freestyle. Hannah Miley has moved into 3rd place. Uhoh! Hosszu has sped ahead of Coventry, and hits the wall first and breaks the championship record, followed by Coventry just before Rice.

Well, dang. If it wasnt going to be Rice, then I was hoping it would be Coventry, but alas. At least they both made it onto the podium. Katinka Hosszu really did well at these championships, dude! Good for her.

Kirsty Coventry, Katinka Hosszu, and Stephanie Rice.

Kirsty Coventry, Katinka Hosszu, and Stephanie Rice.

Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay

Alright, this is the final race of the evening, and the final race of the championships, and it’s set to be a good one. I looove relays! The distinct way that each person swims makes such a difference and it’s just really exciting. I’m a nerd.

Here are the lanes:

  1. Great Britain
  2. Brazil
  3. USA
  4. Germany
  5. Australia
  6. France
  7. Russia
  8. Japan

Some of the big names in this race are Liam Tancock of Great Britain, who won gold in the 50m backstroke earlier tonight, Cesar Cielo of Brazil who has won 2 gold medals so far this week, Germany’s Paul Biedermann, who rather arrogantly and infamously beat Phelps in the 200m Free earlier this week, and of course, JERKFACED Alain Bernard, swimming anchor for France. Puhlease.

Swimming for the US team are Aaron Peirsol (yay!), Eric Shantaeu (yay for Kim!), Michael Phelps (yay for AMERICA!), and David Walters (…yay?).

I refuse to doubt the power of a US relay team to do anything but dominate against the French, so let’s do this.

The teams are getting prepared, and I’m giggling cos everyone is all set up and ready to go, except for Peirsol, who’s like, JUST putting on his goggles and cap while he walks out. He looks to be one of only a few wearing a half suit, as well, which is always enjoyable. Cos I’m a perv. Oh, Peirsol, we love you.

The 100m comes and goes and Peirsol hits the wall first, but doesn’t manage to get an individual world record, although he was above the overall world record for this event. Shanteau swims the breaststroke and hits the wall in first place, and off goes Milky to swim the butterfly. I pause my DVR, and Australia’s Andrew Lauterstein seems to be in first, followed by Phelps, and then by Benjamin Starke of Germany, but Phelps always holds off a bit at first, yeah? Going into the 300m, Phelps starts to pull way ahead, of course, and then it’s time for David Walters to bring it home. Walters is more than a body length ahead of everyone else, and he hits the wall YESSSSSSSS.S.S.S.S.S.SS.S.. Killed the world record too!

Germany hits second and Australia gets third YES YES YESSSSSS.

I swear the Men’s team makes me so happy. They never make me cry. Way more than I can say for the women’s team pshhh.

Italy Swimming World Championships

Aaron Peirsol, Eric Shanteau, and Michael Phelps, waiting for David Walters

Arms to the sky, boys.

Arms to the sky, boys.

Aaahahaha on the way to the medal ceremony, some freak rushed the field and tried to get her grubby little paws on Milky. That, clearly, did not work out as planned.

Aaahahaha on the way to the medal ceremony, some freak rushed the field and tried to get her grubby little paws on Milky. That, clearly, did not work out as planned. Also, nice kicks, Milky.

Awww, Michael poses with Dara. Sweet.

Awww, Michael poses with Dara. Sweet.

Someone told me recently that I should start a tumblr called PhelpsFace, cos he makes the most amazing facial expressions, like, ALWAYS, and it's so true.

Someone told me recently that I should start a tumblr called PhelpsFace, cos he makes the most amazing facial expressions, like, ALWAYS, and it's so true.

Alright, guys, that brings my coverage of the Worlds to a close. Now, I sleep for 5,000 hours. HAH Just kidding, but thanks for sticking with Kim and me, and apparently the 2009 Visa Gymnastics Championships start in about a week and a half, so we’ll try to bring you some more AWESOME then!

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  1. August 3, 2009 2:58 pm

    ill miss you, swimmers

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