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August 25, 2009
  1. Kim is seeing Weezer and Blink 182 tonight. This fills me with jealousy because God knows there ain’t nothin’ in the world I like more than reliving my early teens.

    Anyone my age who maintains they didn’t totally play this shit out of Dude Ranch and Enema can suck it, cos they’re lying.

  2. I totally shat the bed on the Gymnastics blog, which obviously never happened. It was storming here and I missed half of the mens’ broadcast, and then I got to see the womens’, but I lost interest in blogging it. I APOLOGIZE PROFUSELY, BLOGGY FRIENDS.
  3. I actually got a job. How hilarious is that? It only took A YEAR AND TWO MONTHS. Glory Hallelujah.
  4. Today is our 1 Year Blogaversary. HOLY CRAP!!! Yay, OlyVil!
  5. I’m sleepy I love you internet.
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