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Saturday Night Saturday Night Live News..

September 5, 2009

Live from Brooklyn.. it’s Saturday Night!

A bunch of news about SNL has been trickling out over the past month or so, and since I have failed to make individual updates, I bring it to you in one post of excitement. Whee!

First the saddest news of all: Megan Fox has been tapped to host the season premiere. The Megan Fox who has a tattoo on her “pie” of Brian Austin Green. The one who seems to have had massive amounts of plastic surgery to make her look like a cyborg sent from outer space to turn on men across America. The one who says she was pelted with ketchup packets in school because she got along better with boys and it rubbed people the wrong way. I mean, really, SNL, what the fuck? Michael Phelps hosted the premiere last year, and while stupid, he was America’s (and NBC’s) golden boy, so it made sense. Apparently realizing this idiocracy, U2 will be the musical guest. It’s like they knew that nobody would watch it if they didn’t have a bigger MG. Imagine a Megan Fox/Nickelback episode or something. I would cry. As it is, I’ll have a hard time liveblogging this one, but I’ll do my best FOR YOU ALL.

And then there’s the other sad news: Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson will not be returning. Casey Wilson’s leave isn’t that shocking. She had a promising start, but most of her impersonations were awful and she never really brought much to the table. Plus, she’s responsible for that Bride Wars movie. Michaela, on the other hand, was fast becoming one of my new faves. She did a nice little interview with Entertainment Weekly the other day, which is fascinating if only because I can’t remember the last time a castmember unvoluntarily left and was so gracious about it. Aw, Michaela.

SNL premieres on September 26, but if you need your fix earlier, the Thursday Weekend Update editions will be on starting September 17. Amy Poehler will co-anchor at least the first two with everyone’s favorite, Seth Meyers (who spends a lot of his time twittering about baseball).

I think that’s all for now. TV premiere September is so good.

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