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Season Premiere of Weekend Update Thursday!

September 17, 2009

I wasn’t planning on liveblogging this tonight, as I am currently without my TV/DVR, and I am in the middle of cooking a pretty intense meal that is FAILING RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES, but I can run back and forth in commercials, right?

Especially since Seth Meyers sounded the Twitter alarm before:

sethmeyers21: Just about to start dress. SNLWU starts tonight at 8!

I never really thought about how the Joe Wilson thing was a gift thrown right into the laps of SNL, but there it was.

Look at the cute little concerned man behind Sudeikis.

Look at the cute little concerned man behind Sudeikis.

This sketch is pretty good, largely because it starts with Jason Sudeikis, who had a pretty wonderful moustache going on this summer. The in-joke of Fred being able to do the Obama impression went over really well. Good premise and played well. Though it really, really should have ended after the “YOU LIE!” cut to Congress.

Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers together again, whee!

Technical issues!

“Also Whitney Houston’s drug? Drugs.” Just because it needs to be put somewhere.

Bill Hader does a great James Carville. And I know that everyone is out of practice, but between Hader, Wiig who stared off into the opposite direction, Forte, Sudeikis, Hader & even Meyers, I’m a little worried about the cue card reading in the upcoming season.

The Semenya story makes me sad.

Who thinks fake Kanye is going to interrupt Madonna? Also, Kristen’s Madonna makes me laugh a lot. The Madonna speech at the VMA’s was kind of nice and also extremely ridiculous, and they’re killing it here.

Seth Meyers has a weird curl going on. It’s hard for me to focus on something else. Good thing Darrell and Kenan are here to take it away. Why is everyone so psyched about Darrell? Or Kenan? I can see Kenan’s bald wig line, and I’m not even watching in HD.

Kanye didn’t interrupt Madonna, but WOO for Really with Seth and Amy! The best segment ever in the world ever. “If you ever see someone with a World’s Best Grandma mug, and you think you know a better grandma, don’t slap it out of her hand!” They switched to Joe Wilson, and now Serena. It was angry outburst in America look. And maybe tomorrow I will add a screenshot of Amy Poehler’s angry Serena face. Cause it’s great.

Amy Poehler gets to live segue into her own show, which is pretty neat. And Parks and Rec has started, and Leslie Knope is rapping, which is completely Amy all the way.

As for WU Thursday: they’re really using the majority of the cast here, which is interesting. It’s more like a mini primetime SNL than a Weekend Update Thursday. But then again, Weekend Update Thursday was all about the election, and this is just trying to fill a void until new 30 Rock. NBC is really scraping the cheap production value, but I’ll take this over some thirty minute awful reality show. Generally, I like it.

And for good measure… more anger!

All that is right in the world.

All that is right in the world.

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